Monday, July 21, 2014

First team with an XBH wins the game

The Giants won a game in which Ryan Vogelsong gave up eleven hits. That ought to be auspicious. It ought to be a sign that the team has found its mojo once again. But it's just more baseball random-onia, like Adam Duvall launching the game-winner off Cliff Lee. Just more crazy WTF shit, man. Wins come in all sizes and shapes, just like losses, and trying to figure it out just puts dents in the brain pan. The 'pen was mightier than the, uh, scored tonight, eh? I mean, they stopped the Phils from scoring any more runs after Ryan Howard's cricket-bat RBI hit that chased Vogie. So, way to go 'pen-ians! And The Pence-ian One was most Pence-ian: three hits, a run scored, two driven in. But Man of the Match goes to the rook for his big blast--that's what he did in the minors and by gum he oughta do it up here, too. Things in GiantsLand ain't exactly pretty right now, but they ain't Uggla, neither. At least not yet.




Brother Bob said...

It wasn't WTF it was FTW!!

M.C. O'Connor said...


Shankbone said...

FNG day!

nomisnala said...

And on Tuesday they win having given up 9 walks. What a turn.

JC Parsons said...

Amazing marathon win tonight! I really thought about posting and calling it "Savior Tim" (always wanted to use that title) but I'm too pooched. Hopefully someone will get one up tomorrow..errr, later today.

With Buster and a bullpen like ours there is always hope. Nite nite