Saturday, July 12, 2014

Midas Tim

Game Summary:
Although it is too early to know for sure if the Giants are truly the team we hoped for, they sure as shit play like it when Tim Lincecum pitches! The Freak racked up his fourth straight win with 7 strong and the offense, well, did as well as they can do and the Giants won 5-0 over the Snakes.  The doggers lost, so we go back into first. Somehow, with a combination of luck, timing and brilliance, Tim has kept us alive again.

Tim Facts:
Start #19  Win!  (9-5,  3.66)  7 innings  3 hits 0 run 0 earned run  2 walks  6 strikeouts  0 hr

 That makes 30.1 innings with ONLY ONE RUN ALLOWED!  Sheesh, that is a 2010 type streak, although he sure does it differently now, doesn't he? His curveball seemed to be the dominant pitch today, although he obviously is able to get them all across right now.  (What a great phrase to write!) His ERA, perhaps meaningless, is lower than it has been in a couple years. Most importantly, we win with Tim now.  Everything he touches turns gold now and the team knows it.  Wow, what a turn around. Confidence is an amazing thing.

High and/or Lowlights:
Pablo had a great game with a homer (#11) among his three hits. Brandon Belt reached three times as well.  His return is definitely helping a resurgent top of the order.  The bullpen is quietly doing its thing again.  Face it, that was a fun game!

The biggest highlight: not mentioning Goldschmidt once in a Lincecum post.  That could be a first!!


Brother Bob said...

I'm completely psyched about how well Lincecum's doing. It seems he's ready to reclaim the mantle of "Best SF Giants pitcher Ever."
(I love you Juan Marichal, but how many Cy Youngs and WS championships did you get?)

M.C. O'Connor said...

The Golden Touch, indeed! So exciting to see Timmy be Timmy but in a whole new way. We always knew he was unique and would find his own path. I know it's only four starts, and any minor-league replacement schmuck can have 30 innings of lights-out ball in him, but it FEELS like much more. Let's hope so.