Friday, July 25, 2014

Trashed Tim

Game Summary:
The smog-sucking scum took control of this one from the start and never let go. Final score: Scum 8    Us 1.  If you want the details... something about 19 triples in one game ...well, you may have to go somewhere else for that. Life is too short for me to write about that kind of toxic crap.

Tim Facts:
Start #21  Loss  (9-7,  3.96)  4.1 innings  9 hits  6 runs   6 earned runs  0 walks  6 strikeouts  0 hr

Timmy hung in there for a while then got trashed.  Not doubt some people will blame the relief appearance earlier this week, but that seems like an excuse you will never hear from Tim.  None of it mattered anyway. Greinke was unbeatable... for example, at one point he got 4 strikeouts in one inning.  That shit hardly ever happens. I'm so glad I saw it.

High and/or Lowlights:
As if the game itself wasn't putrid enough, the worst part was probably losing Hector Sanchez to an obvious concussion. I bet he will have to do that week off like Belt.
Dan Uggla made his debut and did nothing. I think we better get used to a lot more of that.

Gee, tomorrow we face their good pitcher. Fun.


Brother Bob said...

One of Kruk&Kuip"s pregame Keys To The Game was "Puig vs. Linceum." Last night it reminded me of "Godzilla vs. Bambi". Remember that short cartoon? It ends badly for Bambi.

Brother Bob said...

Footnote: I first saw the above-mentioned cartoon as a pre-movie short before "Deep Throat." Good times.

M.C. O'Connor said...

At least the Giants anticipated things with Uggla. Who knew BOTH Panik and Adrianza would get hurt? If Uggla is better than them, it's OK. If he's not, well, that sucks. He's probably, even at this point in his career, better than the two rooks. Panik looks like he might grow into a ML 2nd baseman, a Scutaro-type, at some point, but he's still pretty young (23). Scuts didn't get a call-up until he was 26 and wasn't full-time until 28.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Really, really bummed for Hector. I sure like that kid, even though he has struggled terribly this season. I hope he can recover soon. Man, the injuries are piling up!!!

Andrew Susac gets the call. Baptism by fire in the biggest series of the season. Show us what you got, rook!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Of course the big news is Jake Peavy. They must think Cain is done, or at least that he only has a handful of starts in him. Peavy hasn't been pretty, but does have 12 quality starts out of 20. The main thing is he seems healthy, already pitching 120+ innings this season. He will probably be better than Petit. Seems like a high cost, losing both Escobar and Hembree, but the Giants don't have a lot of options at this point. This is it--this is the season, this is the pennant race, right now. Giants have to bolster the roster to stay in the fight. Peavy gets the start on ESPN tomorrow.

John Sickels takes a look at the trade.