Sunday, July 6, 2014

Relaxing Tim

Game Summary:
Tim Lincecum and some lovely insurance runs helped secure the series win by beating the camo-clad pudknockers, 5-3 at PetCo.  This game should have been a snoozer with us in total control but a dose of feeble Sergio made it a wee scary at the end.  Wee scared is much better than last week's suicidal depression, don't you agree?

Tim Facts:
Start #18  Win!  (8-5,  3.91)  3 hits 1 run 1 earned run  4 walks  6 strikeouts  1 hr

Timmeh's 23 inning scoreless streak went away but the wins keep rolling in.  The Giants have gone 12-6 when Lincecum starts this year, including the last three during the death spiral.  This rather dominating job was almost tension-free and "mellow."   Believe me, that is not an adjective I use to describe Tim with very often, or ever. He was a little wild and threw too many pitches but this is the new Lincecum quality start.  BTW that means the starters have posted NINE QUALITY STARTS OF THE LAST ELEVEN OUTINGS. Sweet!!

High and/or Lowlights:
Hunter Pence had a great game (3 runs scored!) and got rewarded with an All-Star birth. Well deserved, I would say.

Congrats to Madison Bumgarner (though he can't pitch in the game) for his All-Star assignment. Two in a row! No Hudson?! That sucks.  Oh well...


M.C. O'Connor said...

Tim is on a roll! May the gods bless him and keep him and may he keep racking up those zeroes!!

Happy to see Hanchez get a hold of one and split the OFs and drive in a run. Hard work catching Lincecum. And the new guy making all the plays in the field and getting two hits. Nice.

Let's hope they find the "A" game for the next four against a very, very good Oakland squad, right now at the top of the MLB heap.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Sure would be nice to see Romo find his mojo again.

Zo said...

Anyone notice how closely the Giants misfortunes have coincided with the World Cup?

Fucking futbol.