Thursday, September 25, 2014

Giants need a win

The Giants will take the back door to the post-season after getting whipped in LA. The division was a long shot, but I thought they might have some fight left. Instead they got smoked two nights in a row and got to watch the Dodgers celebrate. The Giants will most likely have to go to Pittsburgh for the sudden-death game--I don't suppose it matters. They actually have a better road record than home despite the recent trip. In the context of all the injuries, it says a lot that they still have a winning record and a chance to play for the big prize. Nonetheless this is a disappointing season. They obviously weren't as good as their 42-21 record in early June, I expected them to cool off. But they dropped into a deep freeze and played the worst ball in the majors before finally getting their shit together in August. And September has been mediocre at best. A strong finish, taking three of four from San Diego, will give them a winning record for the month. But losing four of the last six to the Dodgers at crunch time was a cruel blow. LA came up big down the stretch and took the West easily. Getting swept in San Diego right beforehand was particularly galling. The team looked feeble and lifeless. It's been like that in the second half--just when they start to look great they follow it with anemic, wretched ball. Who knows which team will show up in San Francisco? I expect they will get the one win they need, but it would be nice to see some verve and spirit.

So, do you save Bumgarner for the playoff game? If they win tonight they could rest Peavy as well and have him ready for the LDS. Giants need to get the business done, and the sooner the better. They owe the Padres a beat-down at the very least.




M.C. O'Connor said...

Baggs gives a good rundown of the season.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Brewers lose to Reds and thus Giants clinch the last WC spot.

Talk about sneaking in the back door! The Giants don't need to win a game tonight or this weekend. They are in. They will most likely travel to Pittsburgh, although St. Louis is still only 1-1/2 up with 3 to play (Pirates have 4). Giants need help to get home field, most likely will have to go 4-0. Like I said I'm not sure it matters as they are a better road team overall.

What an anti-climax!

That being said--they are one of only 10 teams that get invited to the dance. It's a sudden death game right from the get-go, but at least it is a chance. The Giants, in all honesty, do not look like a championship club. Nonetheless they have a non-zero chance of winning it all. There a 20 other teams that can't say that.

Ron said...

We are doing so many things wrong right now, it's unbelievable. For example, calling for the high fastball against Pig on an 0-2 pitch. When I saw Susac set that target, I said to myself 'Oh no ... what are they doing?' Then, wham. Sure, Hudson missed the target, & the pitch was supposed to be even higher, but, against that batter, given everything he had showed the Giants on Monday, Tuesday, & in his early at-bats yesterday, there was NO other pitch to make than the slider in the dirt. It was an atrocious game-turning moment.

The lineup we are fielding couldn't beat a minor league team. So, facing Pittsburgh anywhere sounds daunting. Anything can happen in a 1-game playoff, I suppose. However, facing the Nationals over a longer series sounds downright impossible.

There does not seem to be any relief in sight, so we may be using people like Dominguez & Duvall on the playoff roster, sometimes in the starting lineup. Scary times.

Of course, we still have to win one more regular season game, or it's all irrelevant. Signs of a 2014 deep run are not appearing to me - anyone else feeling differently?

M.C. O'Connor said...

They have four games to get their collective shit together. Then, anything can happen. The best teams and the best players know how to "forget yesterday" and focus on the immediate task. So, in that spirit, let us all forget the past and concentrate on the moment.

The Giants are one of TEN post-season teams.

The Giants face the Padres and Andrew Cashner tonight in SF.

Yusmeiro Petit gets the ball.


Brother Bob said...

Maybe they need their backs against the wall to get motivated. It would be sweet if they could earn the home game against the Pirates, but it doesn't matter much.
Lincecum should get a start against the Puds so MadBum starts the play-in game.