Monday, September 22, 2014

This is it!

Barring a sweep of the Dodgers, the Giants have to think Wild Card. Being swept in San Diego means the Pirates are now tied for the top spot. The Brewers are 4-1/2 back with six to play and are damn near out of it. The Giants and Pirates each have seven games left. Obviously they want to host the sudden-death game in San Francisco rather than travel to Pittsburgh, so that means winning some damn games. It hasn't been pretty against the two remaining opponents. I don't know who the Pirates play nor do I care. It's all up to the Giants. With two spots, they could continue to play ugly ball and still make the post-season. But that's no fun. Let's go, Giants. Get it together!


JC Parsons said...

Yikes! If the scum take two out of three, we get to watch them get all lovey dovey. Oh well, we have bigger problems than that to worry about. Like, are we going to send Hudson out there on Wed against what's his name? Or do we get crazy and give Timmeh a shot? What do we have to lose?

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

The Pirates has the tie-breaker, beating us this season, so technically, they are ahead right now. So we need to lead them by a game.

Yeah, don't really matter who they play, we just need to win, win, and win some more. The more the better. Luckily SD plays worse on the road, so hopefully we can take it to them in AT&T.

But we need some hitters to take it upon themselves that we don't lose a game.

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

And the Giants pull this one out! Keeps pace with the Pirates, they cannot afford to be behind them, given the tie breaker status, need the Braves to show more gumption, but they are probably shocked by the firing of their GM.

We can't afford to lose to LA, my guess why he has't taken Hudson out yet is if the team happen to be getting swept anyway, could just let Hudson go, but if we win the first two, then he's got to go for the jugular and use Lincecum, who at least had a nice appearance in his last game, whereas Hudson has not had anything, and probably could use the rest to heal more and regain some strength.

And if need be, they could rotate both in and push Bumgarner to get the first start of the playoffs, instead of the last game of the season.

Though it would be tough what to do in the last game if they need it to, say, tied LA for division lead, or beat Pirates for home Wild Card spot. Do you use Bumgarner to try for the title and/or first wild card? Or save for first start?

Zo said...

We have quite a way to go before we talk about a divisional tie. We need to sweep, then take the Thursday San Diego game at home to be one back. Then we need help from Colorado. Anyone feel good about help from Colorado? Can you remember 1993? Pence and Pablo have been damn near useless for awhile at the plate, but it looks like Belt is getting back in the swing of things. Nevertheless, so far, so good. The bullpen (our strength until it is not) was excellent last night. 2 innings from Machi and Castilla, and Strickland looked like he could pitch in the big leagues (although he could use another pitch).

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Just a thought experiment gone wild. You're right, lot has to happen first before we need to worry about that!

Strickland would be sick if he got another pitch. His stats in the minors indicate that he's pretty good at striking out guys while not walking many already.

We need the big guns in the middle to start hitting, I agree that those two have been sucking for a while. And Susac and Panik has hit another cold patch, last two weeks, they need to heat up again, hopefully these are good signs of more to come.