Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tigers Take Finale

Before the All-Star Break Tim Hudson made 18 starts: 119 IP, 112 H, 43 R, 78 SO, and 19 BB. That averaged out to about 6.6 IP, 6.2 H, 2.4 R, 4.3 SO, and 1.1 BB per start. The outcomes haven't been as good in his 10 starts after the Break: 59-2/3 IP, 67 H, 29 R, 34 SO, and 12 BB. So he's averaging just a hair under 6 IP per start, with 6.7 H, 2.9 R, 3.4 SO, and 1.3 BB. Huddy gave up only seven homers in those 18 pre-ASB games. Cabrera's two-run shot tonight that proved to be the big blow was the seventh he's allowed in the 10 post-ASB games. Huddy did manage to deliver his 18th Quality Start, only one behind team leader Madison Bumgarner. The lineup couldn't get anything going, unfortunately, and with the bullpen meltdown the Tigers avoided a sweep.

Here are Hudson's GameScores for the first seven starts of the season: 80, 62, 57, 57, 68, 72, and 72. That was quite a stretch. Maybe he can find that mojo again for the final push. Looks like two of his final three starts are against the Dodgers. Unfortunately LA won again and pushed their lead back to three games. Giants go to Detroit and get two clutch wins but lose ground! That's baseball.

Looks like Petit gets the start at home on Tuesday against the D-Backs.




Brother Bob said...

I'd say the jury might be out on which starter would #5 in the post season and therefore not actually a starter anymore. If Petit can string together a few strong outings one could make a case for him over Hudson.

Zo said...

The Giants task remains just as it was before: play one game better than LA per week and beat them head-to-head 4 of 6. That is to win the division outright. It is a tough task and, unfortunately, this road trip (excluding the make-up game) went 3 - 3. However, we still have three weeks (and three games to make up) outside of the head-to-head match ups. We're done with Colorado (thank god) so we have San Diego and Arizona. We play 2 series against each of those teams and are currently 7 - 5 against both of them.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Belt may be back soon!

Zo said...

Pablo has not been terribly helpful lately. He seems to swing at almost every pitch, and pitchers now know to throw him pitches WAY out of the strike zone. And still, he usually swings. Yesterday, he took a walk after swinging at and fouling off ball 4 about 4 times.

nomisnala said...

Pablo's AB's. How about Pagan's AB in the ninth after the reliever was struggling greatly. He almost hit into a triple play, and never took a strike. The two rookies ahead of him had excellent AB's. Pagan's AB was essentially a very poor AB considering the circumstances.

JC Parsons said...

I think the key to Pablo and Pagan is to remember that they really are not very good switch hitters, especially this year. Both are WAY less dangerous from the right side. Every reliever they see will be a leftie. I believe that is a real key to why lefties can mess us up bad.