Friday, June 4, 2021

BCraw leads Giants

SF 7  CHI 2

Anthony DeSclafani pitched another good game and this time the Giants relief corps was up to the task and nailed down the win. Brandon Crawford's three-run homer was the big blow. He had another RBI earlier and continues to make big plays in the field. Other than perhaps Buster Posey he's the team position-player MVP at this point. 

Unfortunately the Giants lost two more players to the IL. Logan Webb's shoulder issue re-surfaced, he will miss his next two starts. Mike Yastrzemski sprained his thumb and he'll be out as well.

The Giants came into this season touting their deep roster and it is being put to the test. The Cubs are a good team. Tonight they'll likely go with Conner Menez in place of Webb. They have Nick Tropeano as well. (I'm not sure of Scott Kazmir's status.) Game time 6:45 Pacific.

Go Giants!



Zo said...

nomisnala said...

For some reason I think there is more to the Yamaguchi story. Of interest in Yesterday's game vs. the Cubs. Early on Davies was getting a big strike zone. Giants players were frustrated but at least watching on TV there were no major arguments or catcalls to the umpire. After a few innings he gave Desclafani an undeserved called strike, and the Cubs were all over Laz Diaz. After that point, the giants pitchers seemed to get a better zone, and the more the Cubs (ala the dodgers) complained, the bigger the zone seemed to be for the giants pitchers. I often see in many games that the giants get the short end of the stick when it comes to balls and strikes, but yesterday for once as the game progressed, our pitchers got some what can only be called "pitchers strikes". It frustrated the Cubs and worked to our advantage. Cubs fans must be upset, but watching balls and strikes with these high def TV's is telling. Of further interest, Although Melancon got his save yesterday vs. the Mets, he did not get those close pitches called his way like he did in the series vs. the giants. As a fan, I do think ball and strike calls can effect a game. The hope always is that over a season they even out. I would love to see a study by one of the major baseball analysis groups, that looks into this issue. It probably would not change anything, but it would be nice to know. The injury bug, continues to press the giants.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Batter are more discerning today. They have better eyes and better zone discipline up and down the lineup. Umpires have a much harder job!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Kazmir tonight.