Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cubs avoid sweep

CHI 4  SF 3

The Giants jumped on Kyle Hendricks for three runs in the first two frames but could not chase him from the game. He lasted into the 7th and the bullpen took over from there, denying the lineup any more scoring. Johnny Cueto was not sharp and he allowed all four runs in his 4-1/3 innings. One scored on an error, but the real damage was done by Patrick Wisdom who hit two homers. He homered yesterday off Kevin Gausman and has seven in his 13 games with the Cubs. I was greedy this morning and eager for a sweep, but I have to like them taking three of four from the NL Central leaders.

Tomorrow is a travel day. The team opens a two-game series in Texas on Tuesday at 5:05 Pacific. The Rangers are 23-38 and in last place in the AL West. Alex Wood is the scheduled starter.

Go Giants!



nomisnala said...

Sometimes the ball just does not bounce the giants way. Looked like Dickerson got into one to at least score some runs, but it landed just in front of the all into Heywards glove. Right before that Posey had singled but Wade could not make it to third. Had he make it to third the game was tied. Also Posey the 4th run, was out at the plate. Later The Cubs pitcher, who doubled on a Cueto get it over pitch, scored on a ball that Posey could not hold on to. That was the difference in the game. In the ninth it looked like Dubon got a hold of one, but the 6 ft 5 inch Bryant was able to keep it in the park for an out. Earlier in the game Posey and Dubon hit long foul balls that they could not keep fair. All 5 RBI in the last two games came off of Wisdom's bat. I do not know how wise it was to throw hittable pitches to a guy that is so on fire at the plate. After he hit his 2nd home run today he had hit 7 homers in 32 ab's this season. That is Bondsian, or Ruthian. The league will be looking carefully on how we got him out when we did. Especially the Padres as the Cubs will be going to San Diego to face the Pads. The giants did a good job against Bryant after he hit a dinger vs the giants earlier in the series. Down Longo and Crawford the giants did a respectable job of staying in the game. They had runners on third several times but could not get them across. They stayed in the game and fought. Also, Duggar hit a 412 foot double off the wall. Supposedly a shot that would be a home run in 28 of the 30 parks. The relief pitching was good, and we can only hope that the giants are figuring out the bullpen. The good news is the bums and the Pads lost. Perhaps hoping that the giants could put more room between the giants and those two dastardly Southern California teams. 3 out of 4 is good. It would be great had we not won the firt 3. Cueto did not seem to have his good change up today. His velocity has been good. I did not hear anything about Brandon Crawford's injury status. I wonder if there is any news or updates on that. Just when Longoria was hitting as good as he has hit in years, the goes down to an injury of his own making. Although one cannot blame him for trying to make the play. Two Padres collided last week, and they seemed to hit each other very hard. They even had a fight in the dugout, but both came back within a few days. Seems as if Long will not be in the lineup until mid to late July.

M.C. O'Connor said...

It was a close game. The Giants had their chances. Sometimes, as you said, the bounces go the other way.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Sam Long gets the call-up. Doval sent back down.

Long will start on Wednesday.