Thursday, May 7, 2009


Manny Ramirez suspended for fifty games!
Why? Who knows! Who cares!


M.C. O'Connor said...

It would be great news if I felt we had a genuine shot at the division. Even without Ramirez they are a better linuep than ours by far. If they play .500 ball or slightly better for the next 50 games, we still fail to make up ground! We can only hope the loss of Ramirez means they tank it.

Bob said...

Ah, don't be so rational. Bad news for the Doggers is a beautiful thing. We're a .500 team no matter what.
Are you watching the TV? Cain is struggling big time. But no hits through 2 and we're winning. Matt just got a hit!

Bob said...

Babe Molina!

M.C. O'Connor said...

That guy has his slugger shoes on lately. If you are an out-making machine who moves slower than an earthworm you better do something else well--hitting for power, for instance. Currently slugging .537!!

JC Parsons said...

"If they play .500 ball or slightly better for the next 50 games, we still fail to make up ground!"

Wow, that is a little pessimistic isn't it? Basically you are saying that we CAN NOT play .500 ball for that period of time ( a tough sell considering we are currently doing just that!) AND you are saying that the doggers CAN NOT play less than .500 with Manny gone. They are definitely better than us but not as much as you want to give them credit for (Are they REALLY a .700 team? even with Manny you had to know they will cool maybe lose at home!) One more key player loss and a distinct lack of depth will become more obvious.

Ron said...

Matt rocks! 'Hack' Molina has 27 RBI's in 27 games!

Jesus Guzman, 3B - Fresno
.310 BA
7 2B's, 6 HR's, 20 RBI's, .560 SLG
& ... only 1 error

Is it too soon to bring him up, move Sandoval over to 1B, & get Ishikawa back down to Fresno? At least for awhile. Ishikawa (& his 0 for 5 substitute VSC today) are a joke at 1B. I know that we'd prefer to wait until about August, but how long can we get nothing out of 1B?

M.C. O'Connor said...

I believe Ishikawa is out of options. We send him he has to clear waivers.

I'm happy that the Doggers got some PED slap-down, if only for all the crap the LAtrine fans heaped on Bonds. And it is not pessimism. I just don't like the math. Even if we play .550 ball and win 27-28 games out of the next 50, that puts us at 41-36 or 42-35. The Blue Goo have 21 wins already. They can play .450 ball (22 or 23 wins out of 50) and be 43-36 or 44-35. What is the likelihood that both those things happen--we play .550 and they play .450? It would be grand to be only a few games behind them when Manny returns, and I would love to be shocked by that. I just don't like the math, like I said.

Senor Slow is certainly providing the team with power hitting, something we are starved for. But remember--his career SLG% is lower than Pedro's. As in Feliz.

JC Parsons said...

Not to whip the dead horse, BUT

"What is the likelihood that both those things happen--we play .550 and they play .450?"

The very definition of PESSIMISM is expressed in this sentiment. There are four combinations possible, 1 which helps us, 1 which hurts us and 2 that break even. The likelihood of any of those happening is 1 in 4, unless you are PESSIMISTIC. (BTW, What happened to random chance that you are such a fan of??)
Personally, I am very confident that we will gain ground on the scum in the next couple months. Guess that makes me OPTIMISTIC.

David said...

Hey guys I know I am a little late on this post... but Manny is going to be Manny despite if he gets pregnant, it is common sense here, all Manny wants to do is produce the ultimate Manny by conceiving his own child... Honestly guys, it's only time until the Dodgers win the division...

Parsons... when will you convert to the good side??? :)