Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sanchez On The Couch

Mike Krukow seems to spend more time psychoanalyzing Jonathan Sanchez than he does any other Giant. And then he's always talking about his "arm slot." I never hear him talk about anyone else's arm slot. Just what the hell is an arm slot anyway? I went and looked that up. In the age of the internet there need be no unanswered questions.
Actually Sanchez ended up with a pretty good performance last night. He settled down and got a couple of low pitch count innings. Unfortunately in one of those innings the first pitch was hit into the left field bleachers.
Last night was the first time the Giants scored first and lost. It had to happen.
Rowand as leadoff hitter seems like a dumb idea but it worked last night. Too bad nobody could ever drive him home.
Question: How many Giants games have had a final score of 2-1? It seems like a lot.


M.C. O'Connor said...

There are NO unanswered questions:

4/17 2-0 W vs. AZ
4/18 2-0 L vs. AZ
4/19 2-0 W vs. AZ
4/22 1-0 W vs. SD
5/03 1-0 W vs. CO
5/17 2-0 W vs. NY

But there have been ONLY TWO 2-1 games, those played these last two nights.

We've scored only one run six times and have four losses in addition to the two wins listed above.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I should have said six other times (not inlcuding last two nights).


JC Parsons said...

I have always gripped about Sanchez' inconsistent "arm slot" as well. Does that mean I should be an announcer too? Its all about shoulder tilt. Watch him close next or better find a video. I bet getting that figured out could be his turning point.
To me it seems as if his delivery really gets hinky when he is in the stretch. Perhaps he rushes due to the baserunners.

I feel like I jinxed the scoring first streak...shit.
Tim tonight.
Life is Good.