Saturday, October 27, 2012

Motor City Matchup

Comerica Park is the same vintage as AT&T--it opened in the 2000 season. The same architects, HOK Sport (now Populus), were involved in the design. At the time it was considered a pitchers park, but in 2003 the power alley in left-center was reduced from 395 to 370 feet. The consensus now is that it is one of the more hitter-friendly venues. Baseball-Reference rates parks on an scale where over 100 favors hitters and under 100 favors pitchers. AT&T is at 88, Comerica 104. For comparison, Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati comes in at 107 while PetCo in San Diego rates a 92.

The National Weather Service says it is 49 degrees Fahrenheit in Detroit right now (1500 PST), with an expected low of 37. There's a north wind at 10 mph, the barometer is over 30 inches, and the humidity is at 55%. Rain is expected Monday night, with a chance of snow. Seriously. In San Francisco it is 75 ºF right now, with a low of 54 in the forecast. Seems like the cold will make more of an impact than the park dimensions and will probably suppress the long ball a bit. Of course, good pitching and fielding will do more to cut down on runs than anything else! Let's hope the Giants deliver both.

Two more wins, lads, two more wins.



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Zo said...

Yeah, it is a gorgeous afternoon here in SF. Good to finally get a pair of shorts on after the long summer.