Friday, May 22, 2009

Unmistakably Tim

With each game new questions arise. Some of these questions are scary: Can anybody hit? Is Wilson really a closer? Some are more pleasant: Is Jesus going to help? (tough debut: 5 LOB after a DP grounder and K) Just how good are our starters? But one thing about the 2009 Giants seems to be clear and unwavering: Tim Lincecum.

Last night was yet another example of what I am coming to expect every time out. Lets go through the check list:
1) Quality Start: Seven innings, one run. That run was off a bloop hit. Six of his last seven starts have been quality.
2) Strikeouts: Ten last night. This is the FOURTEENTH time he has gone double digits in his 67 career games. Since 2007, that trails only Peavy and Santana. His K/9 leads the league.
3) No Hard Hit Balls: Tim has given up one homer in over 57 innings this year.
4) Hardly Any Hit Balls: Four hits last night. Since 2008, only Matsuzaka has a lower avg with RISP. In the month of May (Tim's best month, 6-0 career) he has been hit at a .215 clip, before last night.

If you are like me, a post-Marichal Giants fan, then you have never seen this kind of high level of consistent performance. Thank goodness we have something on which to hang our hat. This year will test our patience and every game may bring more questions, but at least we know we have one answer.............#55!


M.C. O'Connor said...

He's amazing. He's given up 54 hits in 57-1/3 IP, which is hard to believe, but it is due to the two starts where he gave up 10 hits apiece. His BABIP is .382, way above his career .316, which tells me he's had a bit of bad luck. So, let's see, he strikes out the most guys, doesn't give up HRs, has cut down his walks, and has been unlucky . . . I think it is going to get better from here. It is impressive how few balls are hit solidly off of him. I really think he's going to get better as the year goes on. Only Zack Greinke (1.56 to 1.75) has a lower FIP in all of baseball. Look for that to change.

M.C. O'Connor said...

And we should be patient with Guzman, and not burden him with too-high expectations. I'd love to see him get more ABs, I think he can give us some much-needed pop. I do hope he can catch the ball.

Bob said...

There was some sucky infield defense last night. Sandoval doesn't get quite enough credit for how well he's played at third.
I was watching with my friend Bill. When Sandoval had 2 strikes I told Bill, "Watch; now they'll throw him something right about here (I held my hand up to my eyes) and he'll swing at it. And that's exactly what happened.
I've had it with Wilson. Way too much drama even when he manages to get out of the trouble he makes for himself.
How about those two "singles" off the left field wall? How much does that suck?

Bob said...

Hey Bro, the Sac Bee used "Typical Tim" today as a header over his picture. Have you used that one yet?

JC Parsons said...

I don't think so, kind of low brow for me. Makes me realize I better keep track of my Tim modifiers or one of you guys will sure let me know!

Is Velez getting a last look? He has played often lately but he must be toast once Torres is ready. Is Frandsen just going to join the group of non-hitters? When do we jettison Aurilia?

I'm a little surprised at how pessimistic everyone has gotten. Sure this is a tough time but almost all of these losses have been very close. Since we are a rebuilding team, that is important and we can actually build off of these last few series. I guess I'm just seeing alot of upside even while we are losing. I'm sure we will back to .500 soon.

And then we'll probably lose six in a row.

M.C. O'Connor said...

"Can anybody hit?"

That's a direct quote, right?

The whole thing comes down to a lack of hitting. Our pitching is good--sometimes spectacular, sometimes horrible, but certainly above average and tending towards good/very good. I like that. Our fielding is decent, definitely not a weakness or a glaring problem.

But our hitting is atrocious. Kevin Correia--the guy we replaced with $8 million Randy Johnson--used FIVE PITCHES to get 3 outs in the 1st. FIVE PITCHES!!!! I knew it would be a "long" night after that feeble display.

Seattle is having its own growing pains--decent pitching and crappy hitting, just like us. Another "good" matchup!