Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goodbye Sanchez, Hello... Who?

The great Chris Haft spent a lot of virtual ink speculating about the fate of our #5 starter Jonny Sanchez.
"The Giants' scheduled off-day Thursday would allow them to push back Sanchez's next start to June 30 at St. Louis, the next day they'd need a fifth starter. Or they simply could demote Sanchez either to the bullpen or Triple-A Fresno, since he has a Minor League option remaining, and try somebody else. One possible alternative is right-hander Kevin Pucetas, who's 6-2 with a 3.59 ERA at Fresno. Ultra-prospects Madison Bumgarner (4-1, 2.13) and Tim Alderson (3-1, 1.82) are excelling at Double-A Connecticut, but the front office probably would prefer to let them mature a little longer."
All three are big fellas. at least 6'4" with Alderson towering at 6'6". Pucetas is the one with some meat on his bones. He looks like a Matt Cain doppelganger.
Which members of the Giants bullpen should be tried at spot-starter?


Theo said...

I think Bumgarner is a real possibility. The Brian Trust suggested that he could be on the move.

As for "Sanchy" (said in a deep soft Bochy like growl), I think he would benefit from a refresher course in Fresno. Remember, the Jays sent Hallady all the way down to A-ball, and he spent parts of 2000 and '01 retooling. I know not everyone can be Halladay, but I doubt it could hurt.

What about our new bat, Ishikawa.

allfrank said...

I'm just not persuaded Sanchez should be demoted in any fashion. 1) he has great upside, 2) yesterday's game was a big improvement. a) The first two runs came from runners who had lucky bloop singles - that can happen to any pitcher. The Crosby double was also a bit of a lucky hit. b) his slider was much better than previously - I'm not saying he mastered it (there were a number which bounced in front of home plate), but there were some that were very effective. 3) any likely replacement is not going to do much better, if at all. And it is not a good idea to start Bumgarner or Alderson's clock for what will be likely the same results that we are getting with Sanchez. Poor financial management like that will lessen our chances of resigning Lincecum and Cain when the time comes.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I could see one of the uber-prospects coming up in the roster expansion in September, then competing for a 2010 job in the spring. Tim had a half dozen AAA starts, if I remember. Cain came up from AAA as well. Maybe MadBum will get promoted to Fresno where we'll see how he does in a "hitter's league." No need to rush him to the majors, he'll get there in due time.

I'm not sure swapping Pucetas for Sanchez improves us either, then again, I'm not sure Sanchez is improving. Skip a start, rehab assignment in Fresno, "whatever works" is my take on it. I'd like to see him put it together, even if all it does is make him a better trade candidate.

wcw said...

What allfrank said. Despite his bad year, he's a half-win better than replacement, and nobody in the minors is ready to spot start and do that right now. I like Pucetas and Martinez, but they look like pure replacement-level arms to me. Bumgarner or Alderson will be better than replacement, but right now they're teenagers who have barely pitched above A ball. Making them sacrificial lambs for major-league hitters because Sanchez has the walksies strikes me as a great way to risk injury, development path or both.

The only arm I could see running out for a spot start is Affeldt. He's started in the majors before, he seems to be in good shape, he's pitching well, he's even a lefty. Swapping him in, if the Giants think he has the arm strength, works for me.

But really, I'd just stick with Sanchez. The problem with this team is hitting, not pitching.

JC Parsons said...

Here's my two cents:
Glad Sanchez has an option, use it. Let him get mad down in Fresno. My heart says MadBum ( I hate superstar types wasting time in the minors ) but I don't think that will happen. I agree with allfrank, they won't start his contract clock early and thereby lose him earlier. So I say let's take a look at Pucetas...and then Martinez...and then whoever. Each one gets about two starts to impress. Using Affeldt would be bold and scary. He is so good in his current role it is hard to see him contributing more as a starter.