Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Upside-down world

6.1 6 4 4 5 6

In 2009's upside-down world, Matt Cain gives up five walks and two homers but still gets a win. Matt survived not only a 29-pitch inning (the 2nd) but also a Righetti Visit of Doom in the 4th. In fairness, I should point out that after the RVOD M.C. got the next two guys easily. See, it's an upside-down world. It was un ugly night with weirdness abounding: Rental's hallucinatory base-running, Whiteside's missed-squeeze-double-off-the-wall play, Frandsen swinging at wild pitches in the dirt, and Cain throwing 115 pitches at 30 guys to get 19 outs. But this is upside-down world, remember? We pound the crap out of the AZ's nobody young righty (13 hits and 8 runs) one night after we are nearly no-hit by another nobody. It is always great to crank out some runs, and it is doubly great when we do it for Matt. He had one of his worst outings, yet still managed to finish six. Speaking of the 6th, it took only FOUR pitches for Cain to get three outs. Talk about upside-down world--normally we do that sort of thing. You have to love Pablo Sandoval's surge, he's the only young position player we have that's really lighting it up.

I feel for Fred Lewis. All the regulars pound out big hits, he goes 0-for-4 and looks bad in the field. It hurts to say it, but he's playing his way out of the lineup. Tell me it ain't so.

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