Thursday, June 11, 2009

Homeward bound

Wailing and moaning about our lousy offense is one of the mainstays of my work here at RMC. If we started getting hits I might have to give up blogging. But no woe today, that kid Scherzer is an impressive talent. He was a 1st round draft pick (11th overall in 2006), and has a K/9 of 10.1 in his brief time in the bigs (123 IP) as well as an ERA+ of 127. And speaking of offensive woes, our opponents today are bursting at the seams with guys hitting well below expectations. Sanchez gave them a whole pile of extra baserunners and they only eked out a run against him. Meanwhile, the Crockies have won EIGHT in a row and are still four games below .500 and a half-game behind the Puds! Despite the loss, I'm encouraged by our 6-4 road trip, and our two impressive wins in AZ. Now we are coming home where we can zoog the A's with our .667 AT &T mojo. (And maybe Mississippi Fred, 3-for-25 on the trip, can find his mojo.)

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