Saturday, June 20, 2009

John the Revelator

I'm speaking in tongues, baby, the spirit is moving me! The baseball gods do smile once in a while, and they smiled upon us last night, O My Brothers. Giants Win noted that our three-homer explosion puts us on pace for a hundred, and that's got to be divine intervention. We get an eyeful of John's chapter 3 at every TV sporting event, but I think powers-that-be whipped out some chapter 11 this time:

Lazarus, come forth.

Except that Mississippi Fred, true to his blues roots, thought it was "Fred Lewis, come forth."

And he that was dead came forth.

And he that was benched redeemed himself. It didn't seem that way in the first two at-bats, but FreddieLew put a charge into one in the sixth that wound up wet! Alas and behold we were victors. Despite his slump, Lewis still has a 100-point lead over Edgar "$8 million" Rental in the team OPS-leaders race. This is The Rental's fifth team in six years. Hmmm. On to better news, the Jeremy Affeldt signing is one of the best things The Brian Trust has done in a while, and it ought to be a model for the future: short-term, low-cost, prudent risk. Ah, the hell with analysis. Let's just bask in the glory:

"Lord, don't you love some I"

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Bob said...

Homers from Rowand, Lewis and Ishikawa.Weird. Something is brewing.