Tuesday, June 9, 2009

School's out

and the kids are ready to be drafted!

The buzz seems to be that we are eyeing prep pitching star TYLER MATZEK, a southpaw from Mission Viejo. See here and here.

Here's Rich Lederer from The Baseball Analysts:

. . . this year's draft seems more geared to high school arms. There's Purke and Turner, as well as Tyler Matzek, who just may be the best prep pitcher of them all . . . (emphasis mine)

Chris at BCB is talking draft today as well. We'll know something before Matt Cain takes the hill tonight in Arizona. My feeling is we just keep stocking the talent--make enough good draft picks and eventually they will pay off. You'll get good players on the big squad and you'll get more trade flexibility with your youngsters. We have six picks today: #6, #55, and #86 in the first three rounds, then #117, #147, and #177 in the last three.

Go Giants!


Bob said...

I vote for Grant Green even though he's USC scum. Do we have any stud shortstops down on the farm? I don't think so.

M.C. O'Connor said...

We got Brandon Crawford, UCLA SS, in the fourth round of last year's (Posey) draft, the 117th pick.

Here's some more on him.