Saturday, June 6, 2009

Slippery when wet

I didn't understand that play with Torres, after he got the big RBI hit in the 5th, where he fell down heading to third, got tagged out in a rundown, but was awarded second by the umpire anyway. Jon Miller figured Torres must have been bumped by the first baseman (Cantu) while rounding the bag, thus constituting obstruction. I needed to see that one.

Another rocky day for Young Jonathan. There's a malaise that settles over Giants-Land when Sanchez takes the hill. The talk about him on the trading block is gaining acceptance among the faithful. Is it group-think? Should we calm down and take a breath? He's only a third of the way into the season, fer chrissakes. Or is it the realization that he's shown us what he's got? It's been a third of the season already, fer chrissakes! For his Giants career he's given us 306-2/3 IP and 311 strikeouts in 101 games.

We are exactly 1/3 of the way through the season, 54 games, and sit at 28-26. We were 9-9 after 18 games, and 18-18 after 36 games. So we've improved a bit and managed 10-8 in the next 18. Our 72nd game is June 26 in Milwaukee, that will bring us 4/9 of the way through the season. I'm quite pleasantly surprised that we've managed to keep the Good Ship Giant in fighting trim, not just floating either, but making occasional headway. I'm routinely sickened by our offense (our first four innings today were embarrassing), but our pitching has kept us in games, and we've pulled off some unlikely wins. I hope we keep it up.

The Mets claimed Pat Misch off waivers (according to Trade Rumors).


Bob said...

I for one appreciate what Rowand has been doing lately. A 16 game hitting streak is nothing to sneeze at. And while it would have been swell if he had hit a grand slam instead of just a 2 run single in the ninth, I doubt if even then y'all would stop illin' on him.
Rowand's hitting .405 (28-for-69) during his streak, lifting his batting average from .246 to .305.
Sanchez is Sanchez. Watch the video at the Giants site of what he did in the 2nd. Three strikeouts, all looking.
Isn't there a sort of tradition of lefties maturing slowly? Sandy Koufax and Randy Johnson were both dubious commodities early in their careers. Of course then there's Vida Blue and Fernando Valenzuela, both instant sensations.
Well, whatever, as they say. We're stuck with Sanchez for now. His "potential" is far greater than any perceived trade value he might have currently.

JC Parsons said...

I'm not so sure about trade value. Think of it this way, even if Sanchez develops very nicely, he will likely be a 4 or 5 starter for us. For many other teams, he could be #2 or 3 guy. This gap only exists as long as Sanchez pitches well. So I think we are waiting for MadBum or somebody to fill out the depth chart, then we move Sanchez. I would take high draft picks...speaking of which, isn't it draft day soon?