Monday, June 8, 2009

One Third + one

The season is one third over. Actually, it was one third over after Saturday's game. The Giants are 29-26, certainly better than almost anyone expected. Here is one man's opinions of the team at this point.
1) Pablo Sandoval's defense at third base has been a delightful surprise. He is not horrible. He is not a gold glover, but has played far better than anyone had a right to expect.
2) Aaron Rowand is swinging the bat well. Sorry, I know that as an internet poster, it is heresy to say anything positive about Mr. Rowand. He is currently hitting the ball well.
3) Sabean and Bochy have not yet done anything to destroy the team. One can argue with roster choices, lineups and the occasional situtional decision, but really, we could go a long way towards reducing global warming emissions if the internet servers dedicated to Sabean and Bochy angst could be powered down.
4) The Giants are 18-9 at home and 11-17 on the road. Hurray for the home record. Much has been made of the dismal road record, but part of that was the 0-6 road trip to San Diego and Los Angeles in April. Then again, the Giants inexplicably managed to drop another three in San Diego May 19-21. What is the deal with that place? Anyway, the team is looking pretty good without the horrible April road trip - a .500 record. Unfortunately, you can't really ignore losses at any point during the season. What would it take to get the Giants to a .500 road record including those defeats? Six games. We are 4-2 on the current road trip.
5) The team needs more hitting. We are not horrible, just lack slugging at our key positions. First, outfield. Pablo seems to be coming around at third. This may be fixable, but the internet whining about getting this guy or that guy ignores what all posters don't have any information about - that is, what the other GM thinks of what Sabean is willing to offer, and what another GM wants for their guy. Sorry to lay out a fundamental truth about a trade, but there it is. If everyone that Sabean calls wants Lincecum to start the conversation, do you still think Sabean is a terrible GM for having done nothing? Also, it might be fun to go back and see who we all were wishing for, wishing against, or speculating on early in the spring and see how well those those guys are doing. One thing I know on this subject, regardless of what some jerk on the radio was talking about when I was trying to find out what the hell was happening Saturday - Adam Dunn should be a DH in the AL, NOT a Giant.
5a) We are 29-26 with crappy hitters. Can this continue? The bullpen has been a vast upgrade from last year and our starters are solid, for the most part. Hurray, pitching.
6) I'm worried about Wilson. Yesterday, another couple of hits in the ninth. Yet, he is getting it done.
7) I was slowly becoming convinced that Emmanuel Burriss is a major leaguer, until the last week.

What else? What are your observations at one third? Surprises? Frustrations?
Bonus question: Name a tasty cocktail made with three portions of exactly one third. If successful, I might make you one.


Zo said...

One more observation. The smog sucking doggers are clearly the best team in the NL west, and proving themselves to be among the tops in the NL. The NL west doesn't mean much, but they do not seem to be fading. I didn't expect that. This, in a way, gives me some comfort. It takes the "win now" option of trading away for a savvy veteran at the deadline out of the equation. At least, I hope it does.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I hope it does, too.

The best thing we can say about Sabes is that he hasn't fucked up lately. Now that's a compliment. Since it doesn't look like Nuke wants to can him, I suggest promotion. Sort of a "minister without portfolio" job, where he can stay out of the way, give sage advice, and talk to the media. Wean him from that slacks-and-golf shirt look and get some tailored suits. I just know the team will improve.

Speaking of the team, they are playing WAY better than I thought they would. I'm happy. The dead weight will be gone this year, Buster and MadBum will be a year closer to the bigs, it's all good.

Zo said...

After reading the paper this (Tuesday) morning, I see that, to the extent there is a "wild card" race, the Giants are kind of in it. The Mets are 30-25, the Cards are 31-27 and the Cubs are 0.001 percentage point ahead of us at 28-26. Weren't the Cubs supposed to be the darlings of the National League? Or was that just Lou Pinella? That's it - no other teams are over .500. Kind of surprising. Keep steady, Brian. Do not dream of band-aids, quick fixes and contract year players.

Bob said...

Both of the "bad contract" boys, Zito and Rowand, are performing quite well recently. That is comforting. The team is clearly a work in progress. There were no strange panic trades last off season and they don't seem to be desperate to make any big moves now. They're giving guys like Lewis, Burriss and Ishikawa chances to show what they got. (When does Schierholz get a serious look?)

M.C. O'Connor said...

@ Zo
Steady as she goes, indeed.

He deserves a look, indeed.