Friday, August 26, 2016


7-0 win at home
A stout Jeff Samardzija and a sizzling Brandon Crawford snuffed out the Atlanta Braves and got plenty of backing from the bats (the Shark himself had a double and run scored) for a big win to make it back-to-back. The Giants had back-to-back wins against the Mets right before the recent four-game losing streak--which was preceded by a four-game losing streak. You have to go back to the end of July, the 30th and 31st against the Nationals, to find another set of back-to-back wins. You have to go back to before the Break to find another.

But back-to-back it is and it is the second time the club has pitched back-to-back shutouts. Last night Santiago Casilla got the last out for Matt Moore and tonight Hunter Strickland and Cory Gearrin got the last six for Samardzija. On Sunday the 22nd of May Madison Bumgarner, Gearrin, and Casilla shut out the Cubs. The next day Johnny Cueto threw a shutout all by himself against the Padres. That's nine for the team, and nine times shut out themselves.

Win number 70 seemed much too long in coming. Keep it rolling, Giants!



Brother Bob said...

Samardzija's first two innings were so shaky I thought for sure we were going to get another stinker from him. Somehow he turned it around into a fine start. I think the team is ready to get serious now and start winning a lot.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, I was worried too, but he toughed it out.

Zo said...

....with the help of some fine defense.

Ron said...

Peavy on DL??? Suarez tonight.