Saturday, August 20, 2016

Vlog 26 "The Return of JohnnyC Joy"

8-1 win vs. NYM

We are BACK IN FIRST!!!  There were so many positive signs in this game: JohnnyC joy, nifty defense , nostalgic relief, and, oh yeah, RUNS.  Bask in the warmth of this one because you never know what tomorrow will bring with this crazy ass team.

Vlog 26 "The Return of JohnnyC Joy"


Brother Bob said...

I guess the team flipped the magic switch and all is right once again. Who knows why this happens?

Russian River said...

Have we turned the corner? Are the dark days since the break ancient history? The glass half full side of me is excited to see my Giants back and am looking forward to more wins. The glass half empty side is whispering in my ear, don't get ahead of yourself. It's hard not to when the lads come through with hits with RISP, especially with two outs. I love what I saw last night and let's keep the peddle to the metal and just bury the Fodgers. LET'S GO GIANTS!

Zo said...

Russian River - I hear you, man. Boy do I hear you. But the Giants did look very Giant-like last night. They held a potent Mets offense to 1 run - with plenty of bullpen help to do so. Lopez! Also, the team looks like it is hitting well. Belt's seems up and down and Pence could be a bit more consistent, but Posey has been clutch, Panik is hitting, Span, Pagan, even subs Gillaspie and Adrianza.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Great game. Been a while. I felt the same way when Lopez came in to get Bruce. I thought "Old Lopez--whiff or feeble grounder" followed by "New Lopez--walk or homer" and then just shut up and prayed to the baseball gods. It was a great moment. Double play, too sweet. And some redemption for Adrianza. The team could use a pick-me-up off the bench. He could be that versatile guy for double-switches and whatnot. Loving Gillaspie as a pinch-hitter. Some guys seem suited to the role. And homers at home from one of ours makes me happy.

But it all came down to JohnnyC holding it together. He was not overpowering, only two strikeouts, and get this, only TWO swing-and-miss strikes all night. They got a lot of hits--but only two for extra bases. And no walks. He kept them from a big inning and the fielders backed him up in clutch spots. Just the way they drew it up in the game plan!