Monday, August 8, 2016

Vlog 24: "Tipsy For BCraw"

8-7 win (14) in Miami 

The author of this posting does not normally encourage such alcoholic indulgence.  But hey!  That was HISTORIC today.  And we needed that win.  And the wine was very good.
Please raise a glass to Brandon Crawford and watch the slightly slurred, yet still enjoyable,  vlog below:

Vlog 24 "Tipsy For BCraw"


M.C. O'Connor said...

Seemed like he was destined to get the game-winner. What a show by our fabulous shortstop!!

BTW you meant to say "Matt" Moore, but I'll blame that one on the wine.

I think the Giants--well, Wotus--blew it in the 7th when they had six straight hits and two on and five in with nobody out and they asked Panik to sacrifice bunt. Took the wind right out of the sails, man. That inning could have gone on longer and more runs could have been scored but they played for one. It worked in the sense that they got their one run and took the lead, but they had already tied the score without giving up an out. Why give away an out when you are on a roll? They were on the road in a hitters park with nine outs still to get and they played for one run. Why do that? Sure, if the 'pen had been perfect it would have been fine but I think it was a bad move to ask a good hitter to give himself up. Plenty of times it is right to play for one but that was not one of them, in my mind. I don't see Boch doing that there. I think he plays out the string and hopes for an even bigger inning. Even Flemm was surprised, and tried to explain it by saying "Panik's been struggling at the plate", but he was just being nice. He didn't see the wisdom in the move, either.

But I'm quibbling. It was a heroic effort by the club to keep fighting and not give up. And a huge, huge win.

Brother Bob said...

You praise Crawford but never state his accomplishment. Seven hits in a game. The first Giant ever to do that. The first ML player since 1975 to do that. For the record.

carmot said...

Crawford, doing big things Wow. GIANT things.

Stanton gets his bat sawed in half and still one-hops a strong fly ball into the LF wall off Moore? Eff. That's crazy. I'm sure we all wish Pagan had gotten to it. Welcome back, Boch. Get this one for the skip. Go Giants. Dream big.

M.C. O'Connor said...

BCraw's game in saber-terms. Spoiler--it's one of the greatest individual performances of all time.

nomisnala said...

Too bad the tired marlins who came back from a brutal series in Denver and whose pitching staff was demolished, could not be beaten again on Tuesday. Was the home plate umpire tonight hired by the Marlins? Seems as if Kohler got the calls all night, and yet Moore absolutely did not. Its time for Pence to go back on a rehab assignment. He swings at terrible pitches and takes pitches right down the middle. He has absolutely no clue, and so far he is not making any adjustments. He is a black hole right now in the middle of the lineup. A few days in Sacramento to get him on track would be welcome.