Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Giants get three hits

2-0 loss in Miami
Marlins get four--but two runs as well. Giants get none. Whimper, not a bang, eh? What's with these guys? Why can't they hit? I don't understand. A decent start, this time by FNG Matt Moore, is wasted once again. This team is driving me to drink. It's a short drive, I'll admit. Still. This team is in free fall. Someone has to pull the damn ripcord. They need the parachute to deploy before they hit. (It's not the fall, it's the sudden stop.) My rational brain tells me there are plenty of ballgames yet to be played. Lots of time to right the ship. Jaysus, I'm done with the fookin' metaphors. Time to pull their heads out of their asses. (There I go again!) That's what it's time for--some good goddamn baseball. C'mon, Giants. Get back to winning.

Getaway game at 9:10 a.m. PDT. Jeff Samardzija takes the hill.




david sanchez said...

It's simple.Pagan is the Giants lead off hitter.He provides a spark that fuels the rest of the line up.Nunez should be in the 2 hole.He has good speed,and is another high energy player.Span just doesn't fit.He's a low energy guy.And,he's coming off hip surgery.Gave it a shot.Just didn't work.If Zito and Peavy can be team players.I expect the same of Span.

Ron said...

I agree that Span has been a disappointment. Pagan has his problems, too, though. So, maybe Nunez is our leadoff hitter. We need some kind of big shakeup. With the LA win last night, we have frittered away our entire lead & need to start from scratch.

Come on, Giants!!!!!

Jon Parsons said...

I sure wanted Denard to do better and, to be fair, his second half shows hope. But, sheesh, he's a big time pull hitter and smart teams (NLwest) often used shifts. Seems kinda lame for a lead off hitter. If Eduardo can get walks, give him the job.
The offense is getting truly sad. Panik has crashed to the bottom of the order and that isn't changing fast. And I truly feel anyone's pain as they watch Hunter Pence flail away. Several of his so called ABs left me sickened, shocked and genuinely angered. And I love the guy!!!! He was absolutely torching AAA right before he came back so I don't see that helping. But I have no other suggestions. This hella long nadir must be coming to a close. Right???

Ron said...

Every season, Pence goes through a few weeks like this. In 2014, it was right around this time of year, too. He & Belt can put together some of the most terrifying looking slumps, missing pitches by feet, not fractions of inches. Then, something clicks, & they are squaring up everything. Would love it to be today, obviously, but I expect Pence to start mashing very soon.

M.C. O'Connor said...

We are seeing a lot of once-valuable Giants facing that inevitable decline: Cain, Blanco, Romo, Lopez, Pagan all come to mind. Pence's injuries have brought him down, he's no longer the iron man. Fortunately they have Belt, BCraw, Posey, MadBum still in their primes. But that doesn't mean the team can't still win. Just that the formula will be a little different. Look at the starting pitching they had to bring in (two guys, then a third) to shore up what once was the team's strength. Guys like Law and Strickland are emerging and will be the go-to arms from this point on. Panik was on track to be the next infield star but injuries have derailed him a bit. Duffy got traded. Span was brought in to be the leadoff man but has played below par.

As I write this the 'pen delivers the goods and the Giants squeak out a 1-0 win. Samard**** had an encouraging start.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Oh and the umpiring in this series, I agree, was as bad as it gets. That crew needs some oversight and maybe a shake-up. I am loath to complain about that stuff but it was so obvious and ridiculous that I can't help myself.