Sunday, August 7, 2016

Madison Throws a Gem

The Giants cruised to victory today on the back of a strong, 1 run, 2 hit pitching gem from Madison Bumgarner, with plenty of run support.   Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.  No. The Giants Don't Do That1 - 0, another loss.

In fact, even when they had a chance, they wanted nothing to do with it.  4th inning, 2 outs and Posey standing at 2nd after his lead-off double.  Panik singles to center to the weak-armed Ben Revere.  Posey was held at  3rd to give Gregor (5 for 38 since the ASB) a shot.  Of course that was an out.  Why do I even bother to type it?  Brandon Belt hit one over Revere's head in the 7th with Span at 3rd and Pagan at 2nd.  But Revere ran it down and caught it with his back to the infield.  Yes, that was also the 3rd out of that inning.  Giants were 1 for 9 with RISP, and that 1 did not, of course, result in a run. 

Madison Bumgarner went 8 strong.  Wilson Ramos seemed to hit the right part of the yard (he didn't think so, he flipped his bat in disgust as he left the box) for a home run, and that was 50% of the total hits that Washington got.  He struck out 7 and walked 2.   And for that effort, he picks up a "L."  The Giants have lost 8 of the last 10 games in which he has pitched.  And of those, this was probably the best effort on his part.

It was great to see Matt Cain get some run support yesterday in the Giants 7 - 1 effort.  He deserves it, having been at the bottom of the league in run support for a good part of his career.  How many players get their names made into a verb because of the rest of their team?  But his recent success aside, I am shocked that the Giants are still in 1st place.  I don't expect it to last long.  As Mark said yesterday, "You can have all the baserunners you want but if you can't push them across no one gives a damn."  The Giants need to figure out how to push some of them across the plate, and fast.


M.C. O'Connor said...

I LOOOOOOVE 1-0 games! Pitchers' duels are the BEST!! National League, baby, that's how we roll!!!


Ron said...

When do we officially start calling it 'getting Bummed' instead of 'getting Cained'?

nomisnala said...

I thought it was another third base running mistake for the giants. Too many lately. Yes if that hit went to left he should have stayed, but Revere has a weak arm, and also not too accurate, Posey would have easily been safe. They ran him a few times earlier in the year when the should have held him, and now the opposite mistake. Giants are doing the little things not to win. A couple of home plate ump calls that hurt too, were earlier in the game with two out and runners on 1st and third, Belt had a called strike two low and outside, and then a called strike 3 high and inside. They took the bat out of a good hitter's hand, by calling him out on two straight pitches off the opposite ends of the strike zone. You know if this happened to a player on another team, they would have gone nuts. Let us hope that the end of this post all star curse has arrived and the giants can stave off the bums and reverse this decline. Pence's pinch hit AB in the ninth was useless.

M.C. O'Connor said...


Jon Parsons said...

Woo hoo!!! We have never seen that before! I'm sorry that my Vlog is slow to get up, sometimes I have to upload a couple times and each time is SLOW. I get up early so chances are that is when it will finally be available. Go Giants. Big fecking win!!