Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pan the Man

Madison Bumgarner was on the hill for the Giants today, but the story was Joe Panik and the Giants' offense.  Joe Panik hit 2 home runs, a first in the major leagues for him, and the second, coming in the 4th inning, was the deciding factor in the game.

Madison Bumgarner was not dominant.  He threw 7 innings, gave up 3 runs on 106 pitches, struck out 5 and walked 2.  In the 1st, he gave up a triple to the first hitter, Enciarte, who scored on a sac fly.  The Giants scored in the 2nd, Belt hit a triple, scored on a Jarrett Parker ground out and a bases empty home run from Joe.  Then in the 4th, with Parker on base, Joe hit his second home run, and Denard Span hit a solo shot to make it 5 - 1.  Atlanta got close on a 6th inning Freddie Freeman 2 run shot, but that was as close as they would get.  In the 7th, Posey walked, Crawford tripled, Belt walked, Parker tripled, Panik hit a sac fly, Nunez hit a solo shot, Gillaspie tripled, Span was hit by a pitch, Hernandez doubled, Posey walked, Crawford singled and Belt singled.  13 - 3.  Wait, how many triples?  Try 4.  The San Francisco Giants did that last year, and in 1960.   But a 4 homer and 4 triples in one game?  Never been done in Giants history.

Madison Bumgarner was not dominant.  But he was good and today, that was good enough.  That is huge because he so often has been good and at the losing end of things when only perfection would have mattered.  And after yesterday and the return of the no-offense offense, the Giants scored a bunch.  The final was 13 - 4.  They won the series, their first series win at home since the ASB.  They're going to have to win a lot of series from here on out.  Throwing in a sweep now and then wouldn't hurt.   The Giants starting staff (well, Madbum, Cueto, Moore and Smardjy) has looked good lately.  And it would not hurt if Joe Panik continues his drive towards deification.


Brother Bob said...

That was such an exciting game! It's wonderful that Madbum doesn't have to be perfect all the time (because he ain't.)
I think 4 homers and 4 triples is a glorious achievement for a team.

M.C. O'Connor said...

St. Joe!

carmot said...

I love that Joe Panik is doing such great things. And Joe Panik Day isn't even until December 11th! He became my favorite (current) Giant during the August 2014 series at home versus the Phillies. Such a great baseball player. Bum deserves the run support, fo sho'. Craw has been huge, Span has been contributing nicely.

Don't look now, but Panik is batting .340 with a 1.103 OPS in his last 15 games. Rough news on Law, sure hope he's going to be alright. I've no idea what's up with Cain and Peavy. The bullpen needs to be able to lock things down. This team is going have to fight, it has the ability and talent. Go Giants.

Zo said...

Well, here is something heartening. On August 25, LA beat the Giants 9 - 5. Since then, they have played 6 games and scored a total of 7 runs. 4 of those were in one game that they lost to the Cubs. They have been shut out 3 times.