Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Death by Dinger

1-0 loss in LA

The death spiral continues as some guy named Hill kicked our ass.  Not much to talk about, certainly nothing to vlog about.  JohnnyC picked up loss #4 even though he pretty much only made one mistake: a hanger to Turner (what a prick!) that resulted in one lousy run. Which, of course, was plenty.  It seems like every team EXCEPT US can actually hit home runs to win games. In fact, that is really the only way many of them score.  I wonder how that feels...

The post ASB disaster stands at 11-25 now.  Easily the worst in baseball.  Is there enough time to right this sinking ship?


nomisnala said...

We will not make the playoffs. management failed to get us a true power hitter. THIS TEAM NEEDS ONE. Would like to have Duffy back1

M.C. O'Connor said...

Hill is a good pitcher. Checkered career but a lot of talent. Was kicking ass in Oakland when he was traded. Still, the team needed some goddamn runs and should have plated a at least a few. JohnnyC came up big and the team couldn't back him up. I told you that guy Turner was a good player--early in the year he was hitting about .200 but he's found his niche in LA after bouncing around as a youngster and is having his peak seasons for them.

The no-homer attack worked fine a few years ago when the league wasn't hitting so many. Now the league is hitting homers at a 'steroid-era' rate. Giants have fallen behind. They desperately need some pop. Hell, any kind of offense at this point would be good.

It's not too late. This current club, the way they are playing, won't win anything. But they were winning for three months. They have the talent. But some kind of pall has fallen over the team and even Boch can't seem to make it go away. One good month of killer baseball and it could all change but it seems increasingly unlikely.