Thursday, August 4, 2016

Rocky Road Johnny

As I type this, we are zipping through Willows, CA on our way home. Robyn is obviously steering our vessel and the darkness has stolen the all too familiar view. Seemed like a good time to post about that shitty loss. I probably could Vlog in the front seat here but the game isn't worthy.  So it's hunt and peck for me!

The fecking Phillies did not get the memo about being shitty.  Even though JohnnyC had a three hit shutout going into the seventh AND a four run lead, two things that used to produce wins 95% of the time, our beloved boys found a way to blow it in extra innings. FNG Nuñez will probably get the goat label for a brain dead error but once again a ridiculously feeble offense was largely to blame. I believe 19 straight Giants went down after the fourth and we never really threatened.  We hung tough until Peavy's bullpen debut, the aforementioned error and then a game winning hit.

 Once again I feel like we are all waiting for Buster Posey to be anything more than adequate. Until he does that, our offense will be nothing more than average.  Unless he rips off a big month, which he really hasn't got close to, this is a completely unremarkable offensive season. It feels rather snarky to complain about such a great player.  Also, it's not like anyone will suggest an improvement or even a reason. It will just be "He will turn it around.  It's just a matter of time."

And you know what, that's probably true.

Let's get these dicks tomorrow!  I can't wait to see our FNG lefty, Matt Moore. He may be just the ticket! Go Giants!

P.S.  I couldn't post until I got home. Sorry for the delay.


M.C. O'Connor said...

I was shocked that Bochy let Cueto pitch the 8th after he gave up two homers in the 7th. I don't usually question Ol' Big Head, but that one had me scratchin' mine.

Buster WAS the offense last night: two hits, three RBI, run scored.

JC Parsons said...

I completely agree about leaving JohnnyC out there too long. It looked like he melted and any time he gives up homers, it is time to look hard at what's going on. So close...

See, this is the thing about criticizing Buster this year. Someone ( usually MOC ) will pull out a stat or an episode that shows that everything is ok. And, yes, what little disappointing offense we did generate yesterday was largely Posey. And, yes, few other catchers have as swell numbers. I guess it must just be a personal feeling, like he isn't quite right, or I just don't see the right moments. So, like I've been say since May, I'll be patient, I'll wait for it to happen.
(BTW poor planning to have Brown catch Moore his first time, lame. The coaches are slumping a bit here too)