Wednesday, August 17, 2016


6-5 loss in SF
There are worse ways to lose, right? Easy answer: no, there aren't. Matt Cain came apart in the 5th inning and turned a 4-0 lead into a 6-4 deficit and that was that. It's like he runs out of pitches--the lineup gets a second or third look at his stuff and it stops working. They foul it off or take the close ones and wait until they get a fat one. My lovely bride thinks the Giants should make two pitchers into one pitcher. Matt Cain starts and goes four, Jake Peavy takes over and goes three, the bullpen gets the final six outs. That might be a whole pitcher right there. Or have Peavy start, he can get through the first three no problem, then Matty can do his no-hit 'em-for-four thing, and that's a fine start. They did that sort of thing in Colorado for a while, remember? They paired up a couple of starters and worked 'em only half a game each. They thought it would help. Speaking of the Rockies, they are only 8-1/2 back of the Giants.

It breaks my heart to see Cain perform so poorly. I don't know what the Giants can do about it. They need quality pitching right now. It doesn't seem like the big righty can deliver the goods, even as a fifth starter. On the plus side, Buster is hitting well and both Brandon Crawford and Angel Pagan had big hits. The Pirates had a dinger on their side of the ledger--thanks to Andrew McCutcheon--and it turned out to be the crushing blow. Giants bullpen put up zeros, that was a positive.

As bad as it is for the Giants the defending National League champions are coming to town and they are one game over .500 and ten games back in third place. They've taken a post-ASB dump. too. That team is playing below expectations. The Giants are, too. But they are still right there.

Bumgarner will save us tomorrow night.




david sanchez said...

Offense looked a lot better today,with Nunez and Pagan at the top of the line up.The early offense should help the rotation settle down.If the offense puts up some early runs for this rotation.The Giants are going to start winning a lot of games again.

Torres,Pagan,and Blanco are very aggressive lead off hitters.Nunez fits that mold.Posey,Belt,Pence,and Crawford feed of that aggression.I'm not worried.Every championship season,the Giants have a horrible run.Always due to roster management.

Zo said...

The Mets are 12 - 18 since the ASB, .360. No one, NO ONE is as bad as the Giants, playing at .300. It is rare that any team is ever at that pace. I'm worried - that we will finish 3rd behind the Roxies.

nomisnala said...

DON'T KNOW IF we will finish below the rockies, but i doubt we will be in the playoffs, even as the wildcard team. It is over, it is as if Marichal hit Roseboro in the head and was suspended for several weeks. Except it is Kershaw that is out, and the dodgers have picked up ten games on us since they were 8.5 games back a tad over a month ago. Don't buy your playoff tickets. You wont need them. Also, why did Bochy not get someone up, and get Cain out of there as he totally lost his feel in the fifth. No feely, no pitchy. Giants held the Pirates scoreless for 8 innings. Everyday giants find a new guy to be the goat. two months ago every day seemed to bring us a new hero. But can we ever complete a really in the ninth inning. Bases loaded an no outs, and Posey chokes with a grounder to short that my grandmother could have beaten the double play relay to first. At least we did not blow the bases loaded rally with another triple play.

M.C. O'Connor said...

The fat lady ain't singin' yet. If the math says the Giants can still win, then I'm all in with the math. It's horrid, no argument there. The team head needs to be pulled out from the team ass, and soon. This is as bad a stretch as I can remember.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Matt Cain goes on the DL. No surprise--solves a roster spot crunch. Cory Gearrin activated.

carmot said...

Oh. At least we know the G's have alternative revenue streams available if they ever need 'em. Could be for hire as the "medical expert" in worker's comp cases? They'll say and do anything. Cain is disabled, yet Buster's back is alright? Okee.

Does every team get to start Jay Bruce against us? Who has flashbacks from that epic at-bat, Bruce or Romo? Giants gotta start stepping it up. Otherwise, how does that saying go? When your team is toast... get some Nutella.

Brother Bob said...

Dialogue when the Giants went up 4-0:
Me- Wow, that's great.
Barb- Yep.
Me- Of course Cain's going to find a way to blow it.
Barb- Yep.