Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Late Homer Sinks Giants

4-3 loss in SF
The bleeding continues and the Giants fall out of first place after three months in the top slot. Derek Law has been one of the better performers in the 'pen but that didn't keep him from serving up the game-winning homer in the 8th to Jung Ho Kang. Once again an opponent gets a clutch big fly and the Giants get a clutch groundout. Jeff Samardzija delivered an acceptable effort--the team was in position to win--but the lineup could not add on and the bullpen could not hold on. Just when I thought the Giants were bottoming out they plumb new depths by losing three in a row. This team has now lost twenty games since the All-Star Break (against nine wins). I know I keep saying this, but that has to change.

Matt Cain this afternoon. GO GIANTS!



david sanchez said...

The Giants are a defense first team.The team feeds off of it.Span is the main problem.He's over the hill,and he's playing the most important defensive position other than catcher.Can anybody name one time he's made a big defensive play,or come through in a big situation.Nunez has only been here for a couple of weeks,and he has had more impact in those two weeks than Span has had the entire season.Once Span is removed.Giants will begin to play winning baseball.

M.C. O'Connor said...

While I agree that Span has been a disappointment I cannot accept that replacing him is all that is takes to turn the team around. It's a team-wide failure: the 'pen, the hitters, and the starters have all contributed to the slide. As far as outfielders go, I expected more of Blanco, he's been a steady, positive contributor for several seasons but seems to have hit that inevitable skill decline. He's a free agent next year and I am guessing the Giants will cut ties with him. Pence is probably at the same place--age and injury have reduced him to a shadow of his former awesomeness. If he could be healthy for a full season I think he will still be very valuable. He's 33, that's old age in baseball, and is signed for two more seasons, so it's important he finds a way to stay on the field and keep contributing. Pagan is having one of his best seasons at the plate but his fielding seems to have gotten much worse. He's a free agent next year and I'll bet he won't be resigned unless he takes a huge cut. Other than that there are the youngsters Williamson and Parker. Both still seem to have holes in their games, maybe this next call-up will give them the chance to improve and solidify what they can bring. It's a bit of a black hole in the outfield these days!

carmot said...

Oh nooooo. Eff. 4-0 lead in the top of the 5th, at home?

Maybe the G's should grow herb out in CF, they got boatloads of stank. 9-21 record since the ASB? Oh. Starting to look like a very odd even-year season in SF.