Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Giants get a homer!

1-0 win in Miami
Thank goodness for Brandon Crawford. Otherwise it would be 0-0 and they'd be playing extras. The bullpen did a superb job in relief of a reasonably effective Jeff Samardzija (5-2/3 IP, 3 H, 3 BB, 3 K) and the Giants get their seventh team shutout. FNG Will Smith faced two batters, one in the 6th and one in the 7th and whiffed them both. That's a good sign. He's a good pitcher but has been beat up a bit. Maybe he is settling in to his new role. Hunter Strickland got two big outs. Derek Law once again pitched a clutch frame. And Santiago Casilla seems determined to disprove his doubters. That's all good. But the hitters still look lost--today's starter David Phelps is a converted reliever, that matchup should have had them salivating. Like I said thank goodness someone on the team could hit one over the fence because I couldn't take another parade of 0-fers with men on base.

Travel day tomorrow, and a resurgent Matt Cain at home on Friday against the Orioles.




Ron said...

Weird game, with Blanco's half-hearted attempt to catch Ichiro's 2B w/ two outs in the 9th a potentially disastrous moment. But, Casilla looked unhittable on the 3 outs he did get.

Hitters look blind. Hopefully, coming home will help.

Still weird that I saw the Team score 14 runs in 2 games, although they managed to lose one of those anyway. Since the All-Star Break, it's hard to imagine them scoring that many runs in a two day period. They'll have to muster the hits to engage in a slug-fest or two to keep up with Baltimore. They're a bit scary, but at least their starting pitching hasn't been dominant - not that that has deterred us from offensive ineptitude before, but ... well ... the more I write, I'll convince myself that we'll fail to score, so I'd better stop.

Go Giants!!!! Pile on the runs!

david sanchez said...

Nice win.Outside of Blanco's error.The Giants played good defense.Pagan made a diving catch and threw out Dietrich for a big out that helped Samarzdzija get out of a jam.

carmot said...

I wonder if Crawford is helping his Gold Glove odds... You know, with his recent offensive production. lol. Time for the Giants to make a move, separate from those dang Trolley Dodgers. Let's go! Dream big...