Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bummer, dude.

Sometimes, that is about all you can say.  Romo coughed after Tyler Colvin had scored for the second time to put the Giants up in the 9th.

Madison Bumgarner did not turn in a stellar game, and that happens in Coors from time to time.  He could have pitched better though.  Mistakes to Wilin Rosario gave Colorado their runs, 3 on 8 hits and 1 BB in 6 innings against 6 K's in a total of 100 pitches.  Jean Machi and Santiago Casilla each turned in a scoreless inning before Romo came up in the 9th with the score 4 - 3 Giants and gave up 2.  The line-up looks pretty thin with three replacement guys (four if you count Sanchez) but Blanco, Colvin and Hicks are performing as well as could be asked.  The Rockies, and Tru Trolawitzki are playing well - we need to get on a horse and get a win or two.


nomisnala said...

Giants had a chance at a double play in the bottom of the ninth and could not turn it, then a bloop just inches away from Hicks glove mad it first and third, and then with two strikes arenado fouled off a bunch of pitches but why he went inside behooves me. They called it a double, I thought it was a home run. I was watching the heat game and the giants game at the ale house in Coral Springs Fla. when Rosario came up, I said just do not give this guy a high fastball, because Bumgarner was using that pitch a lot. Rosario has burnt us on several occasions knocking the leather off the ball on a high fast ball. Next pitch, there it was, and before he even swung the bat, you just knew it. I don't know if the Rockies had their ball boy send out de-humidified balls in the bottom of the ninth, but he did come out and give the ump a few balls. But it was mistake pitches or stupidly conceived location that killed us. I hope Cain can get out of his funk and pitch a game winning gem.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, it was close. Romo got Tulo to break his bat--I thought that was a good sign. The next hit, as you say, was inches from an out. Then he threw three really poor pitches to Arenado after getting ahead 1-2. Two fouls, one XBH. If ever a guy was set up for the Romo slider on the outside corner, it was Arenado, but that ball was on the fat--no slide on that slider--and it was "game over."

I had a premonition Romo would give up the ghost, even said so to my wife. (She blames me for his poor outing.) It was weird, I normally don't have such feelings, nor do I put stock in them, but last night was different. I had this terrible notion he was going to blow chow. After the 1-2 count I thought he'd sneak in that final strike and prove me wrong.