Friday, May 23, 2014

Not Really Good, But Good Enough Tim

The potent San Francisco offense continued to shine and gave a scrappy Tim Lincecum the 6-2 victory against the visiting Twins. Yep, the ones from Minnesota. Don't ask me why we are playing them, but if they continue to blow a gazillion scoring chances, they are more than welcome to stay for awhile. 

Start #10 Win!  (4-3)   6 innings  5 hits  2 runs  2 earned  6 walks  4 strikeouts  0 hr
This was not a great outing for Tim, as he clearly had very little command, issuing a season high six walks. Yet, he got the big out just about every time he needed it.  All the pundits will use the terms "gritty" and "tough" to describe Tim's job. Hell, I already used "scrappy." So, you get the idea. Kinda ugly but good enough. Another good, actually great job by a fourth starter.

Exciting times for Pablo Sandoval lately. His three run homer in the first turned out to be all we needed. Brandon Hicks chipped in another dinger late as well. Boy howdy, we sure hit a lot of homers. I sure wonder how long that will last.
Great job by Machi as well. He got the save by getting the last 5 outs.  I get the sense this is his breakout year. If he can pick up for the loss of Casilla, he gets my first half MVP.


Brother Bob said...

How about "plucky?" Just what does that mean anyway?
I gotta admit I enjoy all the homers. Instant gratification, I guess

JC Parsons said...

Plucky is good. We use pesky around here all the time, of course.
Now that I think of it, baseball is full of BS terms with nebulous or imaginary attributes. Clutch is a perfect example

JC Parsons said...

Your point about home runs ( I am getting a little sick of "dinger" ) is a good one. I am fighting to fall in love with the three run shot. It is just SO FICKLE. I am really afraid that we will go without a homer for the last two months or something crazy.
Give me pitching any day. Even the lowest quality quality start you are ever going to see, which is pretty much what Tim gave us yesterday.
But really, I love them too. What's not to love? Especially in our beautiful park. They are just too addicting

Zo said...

Home runs win divisions, pitching wins World Series.

(First WS games against Justin Verlander possibly excepted).

My thoughts on yesterday: a perfect example of how nonsensical "quality start" is. Some people would argue the same for "Wins" but I am glad Tim got one.

How about triples? Tough not to love those.

Brother Bob said...

Triples are actually more exciting than homers, but @ PhoneCo Park they've become commonplace.

JC Parsons said...

I'm not sure I would call "quality start" nonsensical. It certainly is more useful than win. It has always been a stat that goes with our success. Which is something you can not say about home runs, that is for sure.
Tim is racking up the QS lately and I think that correlates well with reality. This game was ugly but still quality