Sunday, May 25, 2014

Top of the Table

The Giants have the best record in baseball after yesterday's close win over the Twins. A week ago I posted "Vogie, Panda lead the way" after a crisp home victory over the Marlins. Ryan Vogelsong didn't give up a run in that start and didn't give up a run yesterday. Pablo Sandoval hit a homer and scored two in that game, he hit a homer and drove in two in this one. In his first four starts, Vogie gave up 14 runs in 16-1/3 innings. He's followed that with 40 innings over six starts in which he's allowed only six runs, four of them in one game. The Panda's line was .177/.262/.302 at the end of April. That's a .564 OPS! Now he's rolling out a .227/.279/.392 line, which is still wretched, but the .671 OPS is a hell of a lot closer to his career .817 mark.

Looks like Matt Cain will miss his start tomorrow. That's too bad--I was looking forward to the matchup with Jeff Samardzija who is leading the world in Cainings. The Chicago ace is winless in ten starts despite allowing only 16 runs in 68 innings.

Madison Bumgarner goes today against Ricky Nolasco.


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