Friday, May 9, 2014

Talking Brandons, Brandons and MadBum (sey hey, sey hey)

Madison Bumgarner looked GOOD tonight - unlike my previous posts earlier in the season where he looked OK, and came up with a victory in 8 innings of pitching.  Madison threw 112 pitches and held the doggers to one run - a solo blast from the puig.  Madison was not happy about it, and wanted to let Puig know.  That kind of thing has all the earmarks of a bad beginning - to a fight, to a pitcher not being able to control his pitches, or to a rally by the bad guys - but here is what happened: Madison struck out HanRam (or whatever they call him) and won the game, 3 - 1.

Giants offense came mostly from the Brandon.2 and Brandon.3.  Brandon Hicks worked a walk in the 5th inning of a scoreless game, and Brandon Crawford stuck one in the bleachers on the first pitch he saw.  Way to go B.2!  The Giants added another one in the 6th before Puig marred MadBum's shutout with a Pence walk, a steal, and a goofy play that could only come from the vaunted dogger defense that allowed Pence to score and put Arias on second.

Kemp had two hits.  The top 4 dogger hitters: 1 combined.  Madbum gave up a total of 4 hits, the one aforementioned run, 1 walk and K'ed 8.  Pence walked twice, but did not get a hit.  He also hit into a double play with bases loaded and no one out in the 7th and the Giants did not score.  B.2 had 2 of the Giants 6 hits.  In the 2nd, Brandon Belt was hit by a pitch in the thumb.  He was clearly in pain but stayed in to run.  The Giants did not score and he did not continue in the game.  It was reported that he had a hairline fracture.  Because of where he was hit, I am guessing that he will go on the DL, hopefully not for too long.  We are 6 - 2 so far this season against the bums.  I guess Matt Cain is still scheduled for tomorrow.


Brother Bob said...

Fact check: there are no bleachers at dogger stadium. They are "Pavilions." I know, bullshit, right?
The standard healing time for any fracture is six weeks. If he gets a surgical repair it would be stable in less time.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Bummer bummer bummer about Belt! Man, you knew there would be some injuries, there always are, but it still "hurts."

The website concurs with you BroB, six weeks.

Great fielding AGAIN from the Giants. Clutch grab by Pagan in CF to rob Puig of hit to start the 9th.

23-13 (.639) best record in baseball!

M.C. O'Connor said...

From Baggs:

Bochy mentioned a rotation of Buster Posey, Michael Morse and Hector Sanchez. He also mentioned Adam Duvall, who hit his 11th home run for Triple-A Fresno on Friday and is already on the 40-man roster.

Duvall primarily plays third base but he was at first base Friday night. Pablo Sandoval is considered a better defender at third base, so moving him across to first base wouldn’t make much sense.

“Those are all things we’ll talk about,” Bochy said. “Maybe split it up quite a bit. Hector, he played just one game in the spring but he looked comfortable.”

Shankbone said...

Brandon Crawford is a dude.

I don't know about ya'll, but I felt like running the score on the punkish Dodgers last night big time. Pence screwed the pooch on the golden op, but the win is the thing. Beat LA! It felt like old times last night.

Bummer about Belt, just when he's getting his stroke back. Hope its a clean recovery, they'll make do the best they can.