Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Giants fail to hit home runs, win anyway

Two weeks ago the Giants gave up 10 runs to the Colorado Rockies and yet won the game in 11 innings by a score of 12-10. Jean Machi was the winning pitcher. Matt Cain started. Last night the Giants gave up 10 runs to the Pittsburgh Pirates and won in 13 innings by a score of 11-10. Jean Machi was the winning pitcher. Matt "The Knife" Cain was supposed to start but was DL'd beforehand. In between those two contests in extras the Giants went 8-1 and allowed only 16 runs (6 in the one loss), sweeping two teams and taking two of three from the other. The Giants were 6-2 after their Home Opener and I remember thinking I liked a fast start. I mean, your team can have a crappy start and still have a great season, after all it takes six months and 162 games (and sometimes 163) to settle everything. But given the choice between a good start and a bad one I'll take the good one. Wins are wins and the team with the most, wins. Right? Giants are 15-9 since their 6-2 start.

Tim Hudson tonight.



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Brother Bob said...

Last night's game was 5 and a half hours. Fun though. The offense sure is strange lately, going from a binge of solo homers (and nothing else) to a series sweep with no hit with RISP, to an 11 run game with no homers.