Sunday, May 11, 2014

Relentless Giants Outlast Dodgers

It's only May, fer chrissakes, I can't take this. It felt like a September showdown for first place. The Giants kept battling today in Los Angeles, surviving two seemingly catastrophic events and pulling out an impressive series win. Ehire Adrianza and Brandon Hicks misplayed a ground ball in the 6th and Adrianza then had a "whoops, where's the base?" moment and the Dodgers capitalized and tied the game. Either he needs more time in the minors or it was just what he needed to up his game--I'll let the sports-writers decide. Welcome to the bigs, kid. You can't give an inch or someone will take a mile. It was much like the momentum-shifting miscues in yesterday's 6th inning. In fact, Bochy took out Hudson after that inning, the first time this season he hasn't gone seven. Brandon Crawford made another ridiculous play after going in on the double switch, which underscores Adrianza's gaffe even more. What doesn't kill you makes you tougher, right? Sergio Romo couldn't hold the lead with two outs in the 9th, giving up a game-tying bomb to Hanley Ramirez. Those were both wicked blows, the latter one particularly cruel, but the lads showed moxie and fought on, piling on three big runs the very next half inning to seal the win.

Clayton Kershaw has started, including today, 22 times against the Giants. Only four times have the Giants scored three or more runs. Once in 2010, once in 2011, and once in 2013. And today. What's interesting is that the Dodgers are 'only' 13-9 in those 22 games, you'd think with the way Kershaw has pitched it would be much more lopsided. He's the best, and his teammate Zack Greinke may be the second-best, but the Giants pulled off a split against those two in their yard to cap a strong (7-3) road trip.

Atlanta comes to San Francisco tomorrow night--they'll face Tim Lincecum.




Scottsdale Fan said...

these guys are winning like champs.

M.C. O'Connor said...


Zo said...

Some time ago, a poll was published that showed that San Francisco led the country in dollars spent on alcohol and on literature. Which is why I like to do my part by sipping a martini when I peruse the box scores. And I particularly like looking at today's. Multiple hits bunched up at the top of the order - 2 for Pagan, Pence, Posey and 3 for the Panda. Way to break out of a slump! We scored runs against Kershaw, I don't care if it is his first (or second) start after his injury.

Zo said...

We have now played 3 series against the doggers and have won all of them.

Brother Bob said...

It's so great to BEAT LA. To me the news is Sandoval contributed to the offense for a change. It would be awesome if he showed some consistency.

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Anytime the Giants are battling the Dodgers for first place rights, it is going to feel like the pennant race, right? Whether first series of the year or now.

Beat LA!!! And they did!!!

Not only that, we have continued the ownage that we have had over the Dodgers since they acquired A-Gon, I'll be writing a little on that later today.

Great time for Panda to come out to play, right after Belt is DLed. Hopefully he can keep it up, get some Panda Power going.

Go Giants!!!