Sunday, June 15, 2014

Annnnnnnd............part three

Well, that sucked.  Remember when the Giants swept the Mets?  That was last weekend.  Since then, they have played every day and won 1 to go 4 - 6 in their homestand.

We needed a win and had the ingredients to do so.  Madison Bumgarner on the mound, and at the plate.  Maddy pitched pretty well, giving up 4 in 7 full innings.  A healthier relief staff might have save his last run, he came into the 7th with 96 pitches, but he manned up and got 2 outs after a run scored (and Josh Rutledge was thrown out trying to stretch a double into a triple).  Maddy struck out 9, walked 4 with an ump behind the plate who had an aversion to curve balls, even those that dropped right over the plate.  Maddy gave up 1 home run, to who else? Troy Tulowitzki.  He had 3 hits on the day.  Seriously, fuck that guy.  Why didn't we just pitch around him?  Madison also hit a home run, one of three solo shots:  Pablo, Hector and Madison. 

Can you believe the relief staff AGAIN gave up the game and wasted what was a pretty good start?  Not Romo this time, Gutierrez.  In the 8th.  And Lopez.  He came in to give up a double to Morneau that allowed Gutierrez' runner, McKenry to score.  8 to fucking 7.  Too fucking much.  Giants have a day off tomorrow, then another one Thursday after what will be their third trip to Chicago this season.  Santiago Casilla joins the team in Chicago.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Worst week of the season. Good thing they have an off day tomorrow--they will need their beauty sleep. That was some ugly baseball.

M.C. O'Connor said...

RIP Tony Gwynn. He was 6 months younger than me. I saw most of his career. He sure could play.

Zo said...

8th and 9th inning scoring for the weekend. Colorado 11, Giants 0.

Jeez - Tony Gwynn. Cancer. Only 54.

Zo said...

Giants in St. Louis went 3 - 1 vs Cards.

Nats in SF went 3 - 1 vs Giants.

Nats in St. L went 0 - 3 vs Cards. Go figure.

nomisnala said...

Worst weekend yet. Hitting in bottom of 8th on Saturday pathetic. Pagan though was safe, but called out to end the game. Then replay compounded the error. By Sunday, Bochy just had enough of all the bad calls, and lost his cool.