Friday, June 27, 2014

From Sublime to Shit

So Timmy threw a no hitter?  Wow.  I wish I could have seen that, it must have been very exciting.  I heard about it yesterday evening in the Cutthroat Bar in Markleeville, CA.  We were up in Yosemite for a couple of days.
It was stunning.  Even though I get there, if not every year, at least every couple of years, you always forget just how grandiose and beautiful it is.  The Giants, Tim's no-hitter excepted, seemed to have played some pretty shitty baseball.  We dropped another series to San Diego and have now guaranteed that we will not will a series against the Reds.  San Diego, if I need to remind anyone, is not a very good team.  Yet they are now 5 - 4 against the amazingly-still-in-first-place Giants.  Madbum was on the mound tonight.  Of course, the disaster of a fifth inning happened just as I parked the car at home and before I got the radio on.  So I don't really know how it unfolded and haven't bothered to check.  Cueto pretty much cut threw the Giants' lineup like a hot knife through butter.  Tim's no hitter has been sandwiched between four games of crap by the other starters.


Brother Bob said...

"Grandiose" implies an affectation of grandeur. Aside from that I agree with every word, especially "stunning" and "beautiful" r/t Yosemite, and "shitty" "disaster" and "crap" r/t Giants baseball.

Zo said...

I stand corrected. A better word choice would have been "grand" or "awe inspiring."

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah the game was a bummer. Hell, the last three weeks have been terrible--the team is 4-13 since they won 5 in a row and stood atop the world at 42-21. They need to turn it around, and soon.