Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nightmare on King Street, Part Two

I'm not much for sequels--they are usually much worse than the original. The Giants, though, went all out this afternoon to provide Rockies fans with another stirring last-gasp winner. Sergio Romo and Angel Pagan again both figured prominently in the top of the 9th as Colorado scored the go-ahead run with an inside-the-park homer. When the ball got past Pagan, I thought "oh damn, there's the tying run." I turned away from the TV to compose myself and think about the bottom of the 9th. Then a half a heartbeat later I thought "unless it's a damn inside-the-parker" and looked back just in time to see Brandon Barnes cross the plate. Once? Hey, it happens. Twice? No. Thank you, no. The Giants are having their worst week of the season with losses Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and now losses on Friday and Saturday. That's 1-5 in six games, which they did once before, from April 17th to April 22nd. And yes, the Rockies were involved. That stretch was a loss to the Dodgers at home, two to the Padres in San Diego followed by a win, and then two losses in Colorado. They went from a 10-6 team to an 11-10 team. These June Giants were 42-21 after Sunday's win and are now 43-26. Those 26 losses are the fewest in the majors. The Giants are 7-6 for the month, not quite swoonish but not quite the well-oiled machine we saw in the first third of the season. Game 72 is in Chicago this Wednesday. That's 4/9 of the way or the fourth seasonal inning. Lots of baseball left.




nomisnala said...

although sometimes Pagan makes great plays in the outfield, his poor jumps and ill conceived routes at times have cost us. On the other hand, Pagan was safe at first and the game should have continued, with two outs, Pagan on first, with Pence coming up and Posey on deck. But the ump called him out. I was surprised that the video folks in N.Y. upheld the call. I have a clear picture of Pagan's foot on the bag, and the ball still a foot or two away. I sent it to the Chronicle. Two ridiculously tough losses. Time to not get frustrated, and come back with a nice winning streak.

Brother Bob said...

Very strange events, to have Romo and Pagan collaborate on back-to-back stinkers like this. We shall see if it means anything log-run-wise. A bad week.

Shankbone said...

On the bright side. Buster Posey had a big day. Not many of them yet, hopefully a sign of things to come.