Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stretchless Tim

Any time you have more errors than runs, you should expect to lose and that is exactly what happened as the Reds took advantage of our boys by the score of 8-3.  The game turned on 2 four run outbursts by the Reds, each of which featured Tim Lincecum and his battery mate, Hector Sanchez, looking like Little Leaguers for extended periods of time.  Have a stiff drink and put this one behind you. 

Start #12  loss  (4-4, 5.01)   4.1 innings  6 hits  8 runs  8 earned  3 walks  2 strikeouts   1 hr

Except for some post season heroics, Timmeh sucks against the Reds. His worst game last year was 8 runs in less than 4 innings against these same schmoes.  They seem to bring out the worst in him and he put it on display tonight. Especially, with men on base. Almost every time Tim got in the stretch bad things happened. Embarrassing bad things; errors, fat pitches and dozens of stolen bases. Ok, maybe only four, but still!  Tim seems to lose his rhythm easily when he can't do the full wind up. He has always been like this, just back in the day he had enough bullets in his gun to get away with it. Those days are long gone.  Heavy sigh. Maybe we will get the gritty, almost quality Tim back next start. 

A pity to waste a nice night from Hunter. He was a triple shy of his first cycle. The homer was an impressive liner on a shoulder high fastball. 


M.C. O'Connor said...

They should tell Hector not to throw when the guy is halfway to 2nd before he even gets the ball. Pitchers have to give catchers a chance, and Tim just does not seem to be able to hold runners. Better to eat the ball and give up the base than make a panic throw.

The Giants have been playing great ball so you have to figure they are due for some stinkers. And Tim has pitched pretty well overall. It would be nice to see him develop a better game from the stretch. I thought the pickoff of Hamilton was great. Lincecum has a hard time holding runners and the speed guys are in full run mode when he's on the mound and so they put the play on and had Hamilton hung out to dry. Then, the bad throw and it was all negated. Bummer! It would have been sweet to get him right there.

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

One of the beat noted that Sanchez admitted that he knew not to throw, but in the heat of the moment, his brain tells him to hurl the ball.

But yeah, I agree, if Timmy is not holding them, let them go...

And with Timmy, it is going to be baby steps, he never really worked on things like picking off guys before. At this time, he did the right move, hopefully next time he seals the deal and throw out the guy.

nomisnala said...

The stretch, Timmeh sux from the windup. He should only pitch from the stretch. As soon as a new inning starts and he goes to the windup, he walks the batter on 4 pitches, or he tosses one right down the middle and the we start the inning with the leadoff man on base. Problem is, Timmeh cannot hold a turtle on first, not even Bengie Molina. If they do not steal on him, he will toss a wild pitch, walk the next guy, or throw a pitch that will easily become a passed ball. If any of that fails to advance the runner without a hit, he will balk, or get his fielders so upset they will make an error. For 17 million a year, I think the giants could have plugged in a much better pitcher into his rotation slot. Even a giants former minor league slug, Alfredo Simon, is pitching better than Lincecum. So are 90 percent of the starters in the league, despite an occasional halfway decent 5 or 6 inning start for Timmeh, until he has to be taken out for 120 pitches. Ok mild exaggeration but not much.

JC Parsons said...

@nomisnala I feel your pain and I'm glad you got to vent. I agree that judging Tim based on his salary will be quite aggravating. My latest way of dealing with Tim is remembering that he is a #4 starter. Looking at him that way really helps. I haven't done the research but I bet he is better than the average #4 starter in the league. Maybe...

Again I haven't researched it but Tim seems to give up runs in bunches. Like this game. This means that when men are on base (in the stretch) Tim is much more likely to lose control of the game. This does not make him unique, but he is a glaring example of this common weakness in pitchers. Kruk has commented on this problem for years.