Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bounce Back Tim


With Buster and Angel on the bench and Tim Lincecum on the mound, our beloved Giants found yet another winning formula and grabbed victory #42, 6-4 over the Mets.  That puts us at a ridiculous .667 winning percentage. Life is good. Bring on the next victims!


Start #13  Win!  (5-4, 4.97)   6 innings  6 hits  3 runs  3 earned  1 walks  6 strikeouts  2 hr

After a terrifying first inning, Tim actually did pretty damn good.  It was the new Tim all the way: kinda wild, lotsa base runners, but kinda pesky and hard to square up. Actually it was only Curtis Granderson that did the damage with 2 homers and 3 RBI.  Considering how poor Timmeh's last start was, this one feels just fine. Not over powering, but good enough for a team as talented as the Giants.  I was frankly surprised at the intensity of the anti-Tim sentiment right after the horrid job in Cincinnati.  Patience people, we have a long way to go. Bottom line is that the Giants are 9-4 when Tim starts and that is SWEET for a #4 starter.


Cool win. Terrible start, no Buster, no Angel, no Pence hits, no Morse hits, very shaky Affeldt and .... WE STILL FIND A WAY TO WIN !
 Gregor, Pablo and Brandon C. each had multiple hit games.  Romo looked wicked with an 11 pitch 3 out save.  What can I say? We are good.


Zo said...

Tim was much improved. He was able to throw a fastball. Not all the time, but sometimes, which is a huge improvement. And he was not totally lost out of the stretch. Three stunning victories, none of them easy. You think MOC is up yet?

M.C. O'Connor said...

I like life a lot better when the Giants win. And I don't care how they do it or who the star is. Just keep winning, man.

Shankbone said...

Timmy is the ultimate post-season weapon. You stick him in the pen, teams have a hard time preparing for him. He can amp up his arm, throw all out, get through the lineup once.

Life is good.

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Life is VERY good!

The media talk about how this team is unlike the World Championship teams brought up a very good point: the Giants of this generation has not really had a season like this before.

The 2010 team was behind SD most of the season. The 2012 team was up and down and fell a game behind when Melky turned bad and was suspended.

The 2011 team did lead for a large part of the season, but then faded at the end of the season. But the lead was never crazy big like this, and they were behind some good amount before taking the lead too, they were never that dominating.

The 2013 team barely got any lead before all the injuries, starting with Pagan, put the skids to the season.

And the 2009 team, despite playing winning ball for the first time in ages (or seemingly so), was never in it at all, despite winning a good amount of games.

This is the first one, despite winning two championships already, to lead from nearly the start, and to build up such a huge lead so early. It is setting all sorts of SF franchise records for wins and things.

Still, too early to talk playoffs, I do remember Mauch's Phillies collapse (not lived it memory but from reading history books) and just as last season could collapse once the injury treadmill ran its way through our lineup and pitching, so can this season.

But, hell yeah, Timmy is the ultimate post-season weapon. I just wonder if Bochy could do that to him again if he continues to pitch well this season. Vogie does have more experience relieving. But I love Timmy as an uber-reliever, he can come in one day as a long-reliever, then the next day set-up to bridge to the closer, then the next day close the game should Romo have a hiccup. Then throw long-toss the day after that, just to spite the other team...

Ron said...

Naturally, I have to take some of the credit.

Good job on bases-on-balls limitation & getting out of a few tough situations.

Ron said...

Naturally, I have to take some of the credit.

Good job on bases-on-balls limitation & getting out of a few tough situations.

Zo said...

Tim WAS the ultimate post-season weapon, but if you remember how he pitched that season, he would often sail through the lineup the first time around, then flounder in the fourth and later innings. So Tim as a post-season reliever (when you had 4 other, good starters) was a wonderful, innovative tool. But these past two seasons, when Tim has floundered, it has been anywhere. Yesterday, he settled down after the first (really, he didn't pitch poorly in the first, either). You can't have relievers coming in a giving up bombs and hoping they will settle down. Tim is a starter. An erratic one of late, but if he can pitch like yesterday, he needs to start and we will need him to start.

Shankbone said...

Its been a lot of good timmy/bad timmy the past 3 years.