Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Taken behind the woodshed . . .

 . . . for an old-fashioned whuppin'. Stephen Strasburg was as good as advertised, quieting the Giants with both power and precision. Ryan Vogelsong was hit hard early but finished six only behind 4-1. With Baseball Jesus on the mound it looked grim for the home squad. I was surprised when they let Vogie start the 7th especially with Denard Span raking him the first two times. He promptly fell apart and George Kontos put some gas on the fire and that was that. Final tally was 9 hits and 2 walks over six--that's a 1.8333333 WHIP.

Madison Bumgarner tonight against Doug Fister. You remember Doug Fister pitching against Madison Bumgarner in San Francisco before, don't you?



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Zo said...

The umpire was not giving borderline pitches. That hurts Vogie much more than a hella stuff pitcher like Strasburg. Don't think the final result would have mattered, though. I guess if your batters are going to be shut down and your pitching is going to implode, better to have them both happen on the same day. As a Nats fan told me this morning, better a Fister than a fistee.