Wednesday, May 10, 2017

0-134 no more

6-5 win in NY
Christian Arroyo crushes a bases-clearing double in the top of the 9th against Mets closer Jeurys Familia to lead the Giants to a come-from-behind victory! That breaks a streak of 134 consecutive losses when trailing after eight innings. Naturally the Giants were without $62M closer Mark Melancon in one of their very few save chances, but Derek Law managed to get it done despite almost giving it all away (with a little help from Justin Ruggiano). Just add it to the list of crazy unbelievable shit that's happened in 2017.

Matt Cain bounced back from a horrid start in Cincinnati and pitched effectively today in New York. Did I mention that the Giants WON the game? The team is 4-3 in his seven starts. Ideally, you want your guy to do one thing: pitch better than the other guy. It was close today, Cain allowed three runs on four hits (one HR) and two walks in five innings. Tommy Milone gave up two runs on six hits (one HR) and two walks in his five innings. Matty's job is 5th starter, I daresay he has fulfilled that role so far. But today's story, believe it or not, is the lineup and the bullpen. Like Cain, the bullpen wasn't exactly dominating or pretty, but they were effective. The lineup, in grand 2017 style, had a solo shot and a sac fly to go with eight singles and two walks before the 9th inning. They finally got an extra-base hit with men on base, something they've seemed genetically unable to do in this young season.

One major positive of this series is three homers from Buster Posey. That big fly stroke has been absent for a while, it's nice to see it back. He has been making hard contact but has also been hitting ground balls, it seems, at an alarming frequency. Maybe he made an adjustment, or maybe he was a bit unlucky earlier. Perhaps with Brandon Belt really struggling these last two weeks we'll see more of him at first base (even though he did make an error that led to a run) and Nick Hundley behind the plate.

Thursday is Game 36. Doesn't it seem like the season has been a lot longer than just two innings? That was the Giants longest road trip of the season, and the longest losing streak. They come home to face the Reds and Dodgers.



p.s. You might be interested in this piece from FanGraphs called Jeff Samardzija is the Best and Worst He's Ever Been. I should note that, with 0.8 fWAR, he's by far our best pitcher (excluding Madison Bumgarner who still clocks in at 0.9!). But for the enigma that is The Shark, this is an illuminating article, even if it might be a little too saber-y for most folks.


Zo said...

Wha.....they won? I'll drink to that.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I see now it was 133 losses, but "0-134 no more" rhymes so fuck accuracy. This is blogging, not journalism. The only standards I have to maintain are ones I make up on the spot!

And Zo my friend, you will drink to anything. So will I, of course. Ain't life grand? We drink when they win and we drink when they lose.

Barbara said...

I couldn't watch today because it has been so painful. So naturally they win. On the one hand I am thrilled. On the other, I am pissed. Baseball is a cruel game.