Saturday, May 13, 2017

Two in a row!

3-1 win in SF
Giants beat the Reds and win two in a row for only the second time all season!! The Giants hit TWO HOMERS and they also conjured up a run with small ball to give the bullpen a two-run cushion. For the Giants, that's huge. Now if they could only hit homers with men on base  . . . but I'm not complaining, the Giants won the goddamn game. Nice to see Matt Moore deliver a strong start. Jeff Samardzija tomorrow.




M.C. O'Connor said...

So nice to have BCraw back. He really is a difference-maker.

Zo said...

The last SF Giant 8 home runs have been hit since May 9. They were Posey (May 9), Posey (May 10), Span and Belt (May 11), Span and Posey (May 12), and Belt and Ruggiano (today, May 13). None of those home runs scored more than 1 run. On May 8, Pence hit a 2 run shot. At least it's nice to see the guys who should hit an occasional home run doing so. But 10 runs on 9 homers? Sheesh, get some folks on base.

nomisnala said...

giants are the masters of the one run home run, and when it is not a one run homer, which is rare, its a 2 run homerun. Almost thought the giants would never win two in a row. Still waiting for the entire team to break out of their slump. The team will break out, and then Posey will stop hitting. 6 homers, batting 358, hitting clean-up, and still in single digit RBI's. Seems mathematically impossible, but the giants have been known to do the impossible.