Saturday, May 20, 2017

Giants Win . . . Again!

3-1 win (13) in StL
The Giants win in extra innings on the road. I'll say that again: the Giants win in extra innings on the road. That makes two wins in a row. I'll say that again: that makes two wins in a row. Jeff Samardzija had to match up with a nearly unhittable Carlos Martinez and wouldn't you know he delivered eight scoreless frames and kept the Giants in the game. The game, like last night, featured a rain delay, but the Giants prevailed thanks to a big hit from Christian Arroyo in the top of the 13th. I have to say I like this version of the 2017 Giants a lot better than what we were seeing last month.



Zo said...

Awesome game, at least if you like those nerdy pitching battles, like I do. Smardjy was simply a stud. Go Giants!

nomisnala said...

If we can keep Jeff S. from his sudden Brent Tomko type of melt downs, he could be our right handed Bumgarner, but it will take a bunch more good outings to convince me that such an outcome is possible. Even Tomko tossed a shutout or two.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Samardzija has always reminded me of Tomko. Nasty stuff, inconsistent outcomes. I think the Giants believe The Shark to be coachable and they can use his big heat and teach him to pitch. I think he did fine last year and I think he looks better this year. He's an interesting athlete, playing football in college and being highly-touted but letting that go to focus on baseball. That's a much longer-term plan, he could have been in the NFL well before the MLB.