Friday, May 5, 2017

I'm glad I skipped this one

Reds 13 Giants 3
You read that right, thirteen runs allowed, nine charged to starting pitcher Matt Cain. He had a nice run going with only three runs allowed in his last 23 innings but the Reds took care of that straight away on a wet night in Cincinnati. Not much else to say, rookie Christian Arroyo got a homer off grizzled vet Bronson Arroyo, Buster had three hits, and Nick Hundley got another double which makes eight two-baggers out of his twelve hits. The nightmare continues. It seems they can't put together back-to-back good games. And it's alarming that two starters both allow nine runs in the same turn through the rotation! In fairness, not much was expected of Cain, he was listed as the fifth starter for a reason. Two stinkers in six starts, and the Giants won three of the other four, he's been holding his own at the back end, I have to say. I've held out hope that he would "find it" again and it seems he might have. Let's hope tonight is the aberration and not the trend. Cain I feel OK about. The team, not so much.

Ty Blach tomorrow. I'm excited that the rookie's getting his chance even though it came about in a shitty way. Skipped the broadcast tonight and went out socializing. You gotta pull the damn needle out of your arm now and again, eh?



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