Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lester Liquefies Giants

Loss, 4-1 @ CHC 

Jon Lester (3-2) needed 99 pitches to dominate the Giants and coast to a complete game win, 4-1.  His performance was scary good (game score 93!) so there was slim chance for Johnny Cueto (4-4) on this rainy night. However, JohnnyC (game score 42) didn't help any with three more homers (that makes 11 this year) .  That is not at all like the Cueto I remember from last year.  Time to worry?

Put this game in the better forgotten column.  I'm kind of surprised we scored a run!


M.C. O'Connor said...

Man, that was over quick!

Zo said...

Whether it is time to worry or not, I can't say. It does illustrate just what a problem the Giants have - their horrible play at the start of the season has put them in a hole that is difficult to climb out of. The Roxies won again last night, which means the Giants slipped to 10 games behind. With almost a third of the season over they are not going away. You kind of expect battles against good clubs and normally, .500 or even notching a winning series against good clubs is OK, you expect to make it up against the lesser clubs. But the Giants are already in a position where they have to win plenty against good clubs and win more against the lesser clubs to make up the ground. And win in their division for a change. And beat the Rox, a club against whom they are 1 - 6 so far this season and against whom they have lost for the last two seasons. They have to make up 10 games against a team that is pretty good and have just over two-thirds of a season to do so. St. Louis and Chicago are pretty good teams. So are the Nationals, coming soon. You can decide whether to worry or not.

nomisnala said...

A one run loss game on the 24th. and the last out was brutal on a full count, giants 2 runs in, man on second, Panik takes ball 4 to keep the game going, but wait, it is called strike 3. What a brutal pitch to end the game on. I don't even think it was one of those pitches where you say it was too close to take, he should have at least tried to foul it off. Looked like a ball, period. I have been venting my frustration, which goes far further than watching the giants have a losing record, but one in which there have been some horrible ball and strike calls against our hitters in crucial times in a game. We know there are replays, for many types of calls on the field. And we know that sometimes calls are reversed. Even on the replays they do not always seem to get it right. The last bastion of game control for an ump lies in balls and strikes which are not up for any review. The umps calls may be up for review after a game, but not during a game. If the ump says its a strike, its a strike. But I don't think games are too long. I thought for the money I spent on the baseball package that this game was unduly shortened. At least by one pitch, and possibly by a lot more. We will never know, as Panik, might Panik, had struck out.