Sunday, May 7, 2017

Swept Out of Cincy

Loss, 4-0 @ CIN  

Putting forth an effort that is probably not worth a lousy blog post, the Giants got finished off by a Scott Feldman shut out, 4-0.  Considering the previous two losses, this one felt rather merciful.  It was pretty much over after they scored two in the first.  JohnnyC (4-2) did OK (7 innings, game score 54) and sure had his strikeout stuff (a season high 10).  But they had Scott Feldman.  Yes, the Scott Feldman.  The Hawaiian born, College of San Mateo stud that once won SEVENTEEN games for the Texas Rangers.  Of course, that was in TWO THOUSAND AND NINE!

Oh, never mind.  I would rather vacuum than talk about this team right now.  Peace, out.


M.C. O'Connor said...

These games weren't even competitive! Sheesh. Not a hard-fought loss in the bunch.

I suppose the higher you climb, the harder you fall. Giants have had quite a run since 2009, maybe they are finally paying the devil's due on all of that.

carmot said...

Bummer, these giants. Lowercase "g." I know I took a lot of flak on other giants' sites for criticizing many moves from 2013 onward. Calling the front office "Train Bust" didn't sit well with many. I'll admit when I'm wrong. I had no idea Peavy could help bring us a third title in five years. Huh. But re-signing him? Trading for Leake? Span? Not testing prospects, not trading for prospects, getting aged vets to fill in.

The cycle catches up. Sure, most of our prospects that we traded or released haven't amounted to much. The Evan Crawfords, the Henry Sosas, the Matt Downs. Yes, even Wheeler. Oh, but I wish we had traded for or drafted a bigger bat. Maybe the hope is on Shaw and some newer draftees. Maybe if we'd split the Melancon money into obtaining two relievers. (I really wanted Lorenzen to be a giant). Maybe a lot of things. Maybe it doesn't matter when Bum and Will Smith are out, along with all sorts of others.

g's never fully address issues. What a shame, there's still talent on this roster. Much talent. But the holes are seemingly too large to overcome. Buster should be a huge asset, offense from a catcher is like an extra (highly) productive bat. Except, they have left a void in LF, 3B, and/or 2B and/or other positions and/or lack of bench depth for rosters. Still hope it turns around. Regardless, I say test the young ones. Live or die with guys like Blach and Beede and Arroyo. See what's up. That's all I'd ask for at this point.

Zo said...

After another loss in NY, the Giants now have THE WORST record in the major leagues. With the third highest payroll in the sport, they are not, as the Brits would say, a good "value for money" team.