Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rash Review: 6/15/09 home vs. LA

For premise, please see post below. Life is too short.

* Sorry, Ron but life does not mock me. Barry Zito does. I will never again say a kind word about that shit. He was crap. I may never forget how he got schooled by Lackey, an AL pitcher that had NEVER had a hit previously. I feel the need for a third reference to feces but I'll leave that up to you guys. Be creative.

* On a positive note #1 : Pablo is a God. His first homer was a fat pitch that he crushed but the second one was the one that was amazing. Inches above the outside corner, yet he still got enough to get it barely over the fence. He feels like the real deal to me.

* Aaron Rowand is painful to watch and I may stop doing it. ( I have been known to take short absences for "special" cases.) Apparently he has been hot lately, BFD! I saw him look like a fool and strikeout three times. He was yanked early ( a big part of our comback) or else he would have had four for sure.

* On a positive note #2 : Merkin Valdez is a God. Everybody is all talking about how great the Angels hit, and they are pretty damn good, but for a while they looked very human. That was when Valdez was out there. He hit 98 mph a couple times. A viscious slider that is almost Nenn-like. I am pretty sure I was watching next season's closer.


Brother Bob said...

Now the bottom of the 9th and we aint winning. Timmy betrayed.
Zito was excrement.

Zo said...

Rowand WAS hot. Now, he is not. In the last 7 days, he has 4 hits in 22 at bats.

Zo said...

By the way, here is what happened in today's game (8th inning):
- T. Hunter singled to center
- V. Guerrero singled to center, T. Hunter to second
- C. Figgins doubled to right, T. Hunter scored, V. Guerrero to third
- E. Aybar singled to shortstop, V. Guerrero scored
- C. Figgins to third on passed ball
- M. Izturis struck out swinging
- E. Aybar stole second
- J. Rivera grounded out to third, C. Figgins scored, E. Aybar to third
- K. Morales struck out swinging